Verizon Price Adjustments Coming Soon: Here's What You Need To Know About Your Smartphone Plans


If you are a subscriber of Verizon Wireless then you should gear up for some major changes as the carrier is poised to bring some price adjustments to its plans.

According to a report from online publication CNET, which cites sources familiar with the matter, Verizon is set to hike the price of its plans. While the plans will become more expensive, they will also imbibe more data for subscribers to compensate for the increase in price.

According to CNET, the price changes are part of a big overhaul for the carrier's subscriber plans. Verizon is allegedly also set to include a new program dubbed "Carryover Data," which will be a rollover data plan. This plan will give people "a new way to avoid overage fees, and better access to Canada and Mexico."

For those wondering how subscribers' smartphone plans will be affected by the Verizon price adjustments, here are the details:

S Plan

This plan will increase from $30 to $35 per month. However, for the extra $5, subscribers of this plan will get 2 GB of data instead of the previous 1 GB.

M Plan

This plan also sees an increase of $5 and will become $50 a month. The data will be increased from 3 GB to 4 GB.

L Plan

From $60 a month, this plan will become $70 a month instead. For the extra $10, consumers' data will also see an increase from 6 GB to 8 GB.

XL Plan

The XL Plan, which previously cost $80 a month, will now be $90 a month. Subscribers' data will now be at 16 GB from 12 GB.

XXL Plan

Previously at $100 a month, the new monthly cost for the XXL Plan will be $110. There will be a 6 GB increase in data, instead of 18 GB, subscribers will now have 24 GB.

The increase in data allotment from Verizon is reflective of the fact that subscribers are becoming increasingly data-hungry.

Verizon is also poised to introduce the My Verizon app as part of the alterations, which will essentially behave like the remote control for the plan one opts for. Via this app, users can switch on the Safety Mode, which will safeguard subscribers from paying overage fees.

If you're wondering what happens if you exhaust your data limit and have the Safety Mode on, your connection speed will slow down immensely instead of any overage fees being levied. The Safety Mode will be free for subscribers of the XXL or XL plans. If you are on the S, M or L plans, then you will have to shell out $5 to access the functionality.

Subscribers will also have the option of seeing the data they are carrying over from the last month via the My Verizon app. If you are an existing Verizon subscriber, you will have the option of switching to any of the new plans, but will not be forced to switch over.

When will the Verizon plans come into effect? A spokesperson from the carrier only revealed that people should "stay tuned" for an announcement and suggested "fireworks" this week.

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