The Twitch app comes full circle across all PlayStation devices as it has finally landed on the PS Vita.

In 2014, its evolution started from web browsers, which first expanded onto the Xbox platform. A year later, PlayStation owners (who were feeling left out) finally got the chance to stream live Twitch channels on their devices, though the feature was initially limited to the PS4.

Twitch would then gradually roll out to other PlayStation platforms before finally landing on the PS Vita just recently, making it widespread across all gaming gadgets you can think of, including iOS and Android devices.

The company has since then amassed a steadily growing number of followers and Twitch live streamers from its inception, pushing the company to add other features on its platform, including a dedicated food channel, to further expand its reaches.

Its worldwide popularity and success even rival those of Alphabet's Google and YouTube, which earlier launched YouTube Gaming in the hopes of keeping up with the former's massive adaptation.

Through Twitch's latest expansion to include all PlayStation devices under its control, it provides streaming access to Sony's wide user database, as well as Microsoft's, which might just surpass its competitors and fully establish itself as the leading platform for live and recorded gameplay videos (among other content).

"Our PlayStation Vita app gives you the power to follow and watch your favorite broadcasters from anywhere," the company writes in its formal announcement for the PS Vita integration, giving all PS users the "freedom to watch Twitch from a handheld device with a data connection, anywhere around the globe."

Once a PS Vita's internet connection is enabled, users may then start to stream Twitch content by, of course, accessing the app on their Vita interface to "watch live and recorded video[s] of top games, players, and eSports events." The Twitch app for PlayStation Vita also allows gamers on the handheld PS device to follow their favorite Twitch streamers easily, while a "featured section" suggests new streamers for users to subscribe to.

The Twitch app is only limited to these video streaming options, however, as native Twitch functions like chatting, private messages and the ability to self-produce live streams (on the PS Vita) are not included in the app.

The Twitch app for PS Vita may be downloaded through the PlayStation Store. The app only requires a low memory space of 12.4 MB. It should also be noted that the app is free and currently has a five-star rating based on 155 sources.

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