Thor has always wielded Mjolnir.

It's an iconic part of the character, but it's one that the original Thor, Thor Odinson, has been missing for a while now. He was deemed to be unworthy, which led to Jane Foster becoming Thor and picking up the hammer.

That left original Thor with an axe and a whole host of problems. He's been missing in action recently, but that's finally going to change this fall with the arrival of the new comic The Unworthy Thor. Recently, its been revealed that Thor Odinson has been a prisoner of the Collector, a Marvel villain fans may remember from his appearance in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The new comic will explore why exactly the Collector sought to keep Thor, and all that Thor endured while he was there.

It will also reveal that Thor's in the market for a new hammer. Specifically, it's the hammer wielded by Thor from the Ultimate Marvel universe, which came to an end during Marvel's Secret Wars event.

"We flash back a little bit, with the first issue of the series and see what he was up to, post-Secret War," writer Jason Aaron tells iO9 in an interview revealing the new comic. "How he got pulled into this situation all begins with him finding out there's this other hammer out there. He just needs to find it."

The ability to wield (or not wield) Mjolnir is always a subject for debate in the Marvel universe, so how will it work when one Thor attempts to wield the hammer of a Thor from another universe? Aaron doesn't provide many clues.

"Is that a part of the story?" he asks, turning a question into another question. "It can't be the same as something we've already got, you know? This story, we don't jump into this with the hammer in his hand, we very much begin it as a quest. And is he desperate to get his hands on it, to show that he can already pick it up and be Thor again? That's really what's striking."

However, just because Thor is looking to become worthy once again doesn't mean Jane Foster's time as Thor in The Mighty Thor is coming to an end. Her adventures will continue, and it's all but certain that she and Thor will cross paths once again. 

"This was always kind of the plan," he says. "These characters have been set on very specific paths. It will take them apart sometimes, other times, they will come smashing back together. Right now they're dealing with their own stuff ... but expect them to come smashing back together pretty soon."

The Unworthy Thor will be releasing this fall as part of Marvel's upcoming "Marvel Now!" lineup. 

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