Deadpool and Spider-Man are two of Marvel's most elite jokesters. Whether it's Spider-Man making light of a situation or Deadpool offering some meta commentary with his fourth wall-breaking antics, putting the two heroes together is a perfect comedy recipe.

One need look no further than Spider-Man/Deadpool #6, released today. Much of the issue is spent discussing the nature of superhero movies, and in the process, Deadpool and Spider-Man not only take a few jabs at DC, but aren't afraid to make jokes are Marvel's expense, either.

Perhaps the most on-the-nose reference that is sure to please Marvel fans is having Spider-Man and Deadpool leave a movie theater after watching the fictional superhero flick Nighthawk v Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom, a film with a tagline that proudly proclaims, "You won't believe their mothers share a first name."

As the two heroes leave the theater, they discuss the current nature of certain superhero films. It's all a fairly obvious (but no less entertaining) reference to Warner Bros. and DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a film that was heavily criticized for being overly dark and attempting to shoehorn in elements for future films set in the DC cinematic universe. It also saw Batman immediately stop his battle with Superman after learning that both their moms were named Martha.

In some ways, Batman v Superman is an easy target for the comedy duo, but the jokes don't stop there. Here's a few more, as Deadpool insists his film be R-rated, and Spider-Man makes some suggestions on what he would like to see in a Deadpool movie.

The X-Men also lament their stepchild status, as 20th Century Fox, rather than Marvel and Disney, is responsible for the X-Men films. Marvel has been accused of putting less emphasis on the X-Men in recent years, given that they don't own the film rights to the characters, so to see this comic poke fun at the issue is a nice touch. Also, there is the obligatory Captain America "Hail Hydra" reference.

It all makes for a standout reason why Deadpool and Spider-Man are two of Marvel's most beloved characters. The issue is bright, clever and funny and tackles a topic of which comic fans no doubt have plenty of opinions themselves. What else could a fan ask for?

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