Who knew that dating and networking could go hand-in-hand?

Users may feel like it's a safe bet to keep their online and professional profiles separate from each other. The last thing they would want a potential employer to see is that their outside of work activities include drinking wine by the bottle for brunch.

But if users are already swiping for potential dates and to meet new friends, why not also swipe right for their dream job from the same platform?

The dating app Bumble announced on Thursday, July 7, its plans to release a new feature that would allow users to swipe right to network with professionals in hopes of landing a job opportunity.

Called BumbleBIZZ, the new feature has the same swipe-based functionality that is similar to how users find a date or a bestie. Bumble users will be able to swipe to casually connect with other business professionals.

Those who are worried about people in their industry seeing a more personal side to them can rest assure that Bumble is making these two aspects of their lives separate. Users can create a separate profile from their dating one on their account to be used for professional purposes, where they can highlight their professional accomplishments and aspirations.

Bumble uses an algorithm and geographical data to allow like-minded professionals to "meet," with users swiping left and right to skip or get matched right away. Since users are looking to network with both genders, BumbleBIZZ will provide profiles for both men and female professionals, although once a match is made women still have the sole power to start the conversation.

While some may wonder why the company kept the woman-reaches-out-first mentality, this allows female users to feel more comfortable connecting with male professionals and to avoid sexual harassment.

With just about 7 million registered users, this could provide a great opportunity for them to open a door to a new job. At the very least users will be able to chat with those who are interested in the same things they are, share tips to success in their field, or even find a mentor. Who knows, maybe even a CEO will start swiping when looking to hire a new employee.

And unlike LinkedIn, everyone's go-to professional social network, this feature would provide quick and more relaxed connections.

BumbleBIZZ is expected to be released in the fall.

Source: Time

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