Honda's announcement that it will integrate the Tegra-based infotainment system in its future car models will pave the way for NVIDIA to achieve a bigger and more global automotive ecosystem. Likewise, the move will make Honda the 19th global automotive brand and the first Asia-based partner of NVIDIA to use its processors for the vehicle maker's in-car audio and information systems.

The announcement of the upcoming Honda models' infotainment system integration coincided with their anticipated unveiling at the Paris Auto Show, the Mondial de l'Automobile 2014.

"Honda is bringing NVIDIA's advanced mobile technology to an important new segment of vehicles," said Rob Csongor, NVIDIA's VP and general manager for Automotive. "Inside these Honda models, the NVIDIA Tegra solution leverages Android to deliver an open, flexible infotainment platform. One that bridges the world of smartphone apps and the requirements of the automotive industry but, most importantly, does so in a way that makes driving safe."

The upcoming 2015 Honda CR-V, Civic and Civic Tourer will feature an operating system that is embedded with Android 4.0.4. Having earned a solid reputation when it comes to integrating Android into various platforms such as TV, tablet and gaming, NVIDIA decided to go to the next level by venturing into automotive applications.

Using the NVIDIA Tegra processor's powerful yet energy-saving features, the infotainment system, dubbed as Honda Connect, is easy to use and smart. It also places a thin line of distinction from tablets and smartphones since the system delivers a quick response to touchscreen movements such as swiping, zooming and pinching.

The 7-inch touchscreen display of Honda Connect enables the user to view vehicle information, listen to AM/FM/DAB, see images from the back view camera and perform satellite navigation. Moreover, Honda Connect allows the user to gain easy access to the official Honda App Center when there's a need to run compatible apps on the system. It's similar to using a tablet although at this time, everything is done inside a moving car.

NVIDIA is not entirely new to the automotive infotainment technology. For the record, there are already over six million cars that have the NVIDIA processors installed in them. It is speculated that in the next five years, around 25 million processors will be installed into other cars on a global scale.

Honda Connect is the first infotainment system in the world that uses embedded Android as the OS for Tegra. It will be seen in the 2015 Honda CR-V, Civic and Civic Tourer and will be available in European markets at the beginning of 2015.

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