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Lexus Promises Fix For Buggy Software Update Bricking Navigation Systems, But Temporary Tricks May Help Until Then

If your Lexus car's navigation system is acting up, you're not alone. The company acknowledged the issue is nationwide and said it's working on a fix. In the meantime, some temporary solutions could do the trick.

Car Tech June 8, 2016

Study Finds Advanced Technology Problems As Top Car Complaint

In particular, owners griped about iffy voice-recognition systems and irksome Bluetooth syncing.

FUTURE TECH February 26, 2016

Volvo Bakes Spotify Streaming Into Its Rides' Sensus Connect Infotainment System [Video]

Volvo's newest driving experience brings safety, quality and Spotify. The carmaker wants to be ahead of competition when it comes to infotainment systems, and it packed the Spotify music streaming service on a number of select vehicles.

FUTURE TECH February 23, 2016

Tesla May Let Users Mirror Smartphone Apps To Their Infotainment Screen Soon

Tesla Motors is thinking about letting users project apps rather than allowing them to be installed. There's a possibility that developers would not like it, but regulators might.

FUTURE TECH January 29, 2016

Study: Voice-Activated Entertainment Systems Can Still Distract Drivers Long Enough To Crash

A new study reveals that it takes 27 seconds before a driver regains full alertness after using the vehicle’s voice-activated entertainment system. These include commanding the system to dial a number, changing music and sending SMS.

Society October 23, 2015

Hands-Free Phones And Infotainment Systems Still As Distracting As Texting While Driving: Study

Researchers warned that hands-free technologies and infotainment systems can put motorists and pedestrians at risks. A study reported up to 27 seconds of inattention after talking to your smartphone or to your car.

FUTURE TECH October 23, 2015

Tesla Releases A Patch After Hackers Find Model S Is Vulnerable To Hacking

Two security researchers were able to hack into the Tesla Model S, exposing six vulnerabilities. However, Tesla had been working on the issues and has released patch updates.

FUTURE TECH August 6, 2015

Toyota Mulls Development Of Connected Infotainment System In Collaboration With Ford

Toyota and Ford are willing to work together to take back control of their dashboards from the infotainment systems developed by Apple and Google.

FUTURE TECH June 3, 2015

Apple CarPlay Or Google Android Auto? Tech Giants Battle For Dashboard Supremacy

Both Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay are finally being released to the public in a number of different vehicles, with both being great infotainment systems. Is there one that is better?

Apps/Software May 28, 2015

Larger Number Of Connected Cars Could Clog Up Data Networks

New research reveals that connected cars could cause data traffic jams for mobile networks since these cars might compete with smartphones, tablets and other vehicles for airwaves.

FUTURE TECH May 25, 2015

Your Car Might Be Target of Hackers And You're Not Protected: Report

A new report released by a senator’s office shows the next big hack-fest could take place inside your car, and the only way to avoid it is to stop using your car.

FUTURE TECH February 9, 2015

Ford Switches Microsoft Out for BlackBerry to Rev Up Sync 3

Ford has dropped Microsoft in favor of BlackBerry for its newest iteration of the Sync 3 in-car system. The system boasts improved graphics, better voice control, and a faster processor to handle all of a driver's needs with ease.

FUTURE TECH December 12, 2014

Ford Ditches Microsoft in Favor of BlackBerry QNX: Say Hello to Sync 3

Ford may have had a little setback with MyFord Touch in previous years, but Sync 3 is set to put all those irritable comments about the old infotainment system from Ford to rest. Will the new Sync turn things around for Ford?

FUTURE TECH December 12, 2014

Auto infotainment system gets a dekko in Consumer Reports' new vehicle reliability survey

A new Consumer Reports reliability survey shows most drivers complain about glitchy and laggy in-car infotainment systems more than anything else.

FUTURE TECH October 28, 2014

Car infotainment may not be so reliable after all, say consumer groups

Infotainment systems bring down vehicle reliability, especially those in their first run on the market, according to Consumer Reports. Still, there's hope the systems will work through the kinks and become reliable driver aids, says AAA.

FUTURE TECH October 27, 2014

Study tags Apple Siri as among the most distracting companion while driving

New studies show that a car’s voice-activated dashboard infotainment system offers a certain level of distraction to the driver. This also includes the distraction brought by Apple’s Siri voice command system.

FUTURE TECH October 7, 2014

2015 Honda vehicles to sport Nvidia Tegra infotainment system

Honda has just announced that its upcoming Honda car models will sport the new Tegra-based Android Infotainment System. The 2015 Honda CR-V, Civic and Civic Tourer will get the spiffy new features.

FUTURE TECH October 3, 2014

BMW owners can now control GoPro camera with in-car app

GoPro app integration lets BMW owners access and control the GoPro camera from the car's infotainment system. The app will be available for download from July onwards.

Gadgets June 17, 2014

Apple CarPlay brings Siri to Ferrari, Merc and Volvo: iWow for iDrivers

Apple has unwrapped CarPlay at the Geneva International Motor Show. iDrivers can expect a better experience while behind the wheels, using their iPhones.

FUTURE TECH March 5, 2014

Apple's 'iOS in the Car' developer screenshots pops up on Twitter: What you should know

A developer has leaked screenshots of 'iOS in the Car' suggesting that Apple may soon release the feature.

FUTURE TECH January 22, 2014

Android-iOS war in danger of spilling over into auto industry

Google has partnered with Audi to develop in-car infotainment system based on Android, to take on Apple's 'iOS in the Car.'

FUTURE TECH December 30, 2013

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