Several fashion brands, in a move not torn from the pages of The Onion, are considering the idea of re-engineering their jeans by increasing the pockets' size to accommodate bigger devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus.

The Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo said that larger jeans pockets were part of the company's product development.

The increasing popularity of larger mobile phones, often referred to as phablets, has created a new sense of fashion demands from the clothing industry. Large devices such as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus are deemed too big for anyone's pocket to contain. Some users noted that the devicebecame slightly bent after they placed it inside the pocket of their skinny jeans. Furthermore, the iPhone 6 Plus tends to become dangerously visible to pickpockets even though it can fit exactly inside one's pockets at times.

There are at least five major brands that are looking into redesigning their merchandise. These would include L.L. Bean, Levi's and J. Crew.

"Currently our men's pockets already accommodate the larger phones, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Women's is still being evaluated," said a spokesman from American Eagle.

Japanese clothing company Uniqlo is already having talks on clothing comparability.

"The company is having conversations currently with the product development team regarding technology overall, and how our clothes can provide compatibility from a user perspective. Jean pockets is one of those conversations," said Uniqlo.

While designers may already have an idea on how to revolutionize jeans' pockets of the male customers, they find it more challenging to apply the same redesigning theory in women's clothing since, in most instances, they have less fabric to deal with.      

Lee Jeans expressed that it would absolutely go for a design with larger pockets that would be flattering for their female customers. Some of the things that would help in the design process would be understanding the way a woman wears a piece of clothing, the type of occasion where she would be wearing the jeans and what she would need in order to meet the demands in her daily life.

Apart from solving the issue of bent iPhones, the new design initiative will likewise help owners of the massive-sized phones keep their devices hidden from the eyes of pickpockets.

Mobile devices continue to evolve and will come in various shapes and sizes. Industries such as fashion see the trend as an opportunity to innovate with their designs. Now that larger phones are the current fad, fashion brands need to cope while avoiding compromise on their products' aesthetic value.

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