A new No Man's Sky trailer was released just recently, following events that announced the space exploration title going "gold" — in other words, finished.

It's been a very, very long wait for Hello Games' upcoming sci-fi adventure themed title which of late, was slated for a release (finally!) this coming Aug. 9.

The highly anticipated game features a massive open-world of space exploration with the end goal of motivating players to search for the center of the game's vast universe.

While the end goal may seem like an easy task for the seasoned space-traveling gamer, developers claim that No Man's Sky contains as many as 18 quintillion planets for players to explore, putting things in a much clearer (and broader) perspective. Reports even estimate that a maximum of one second spent on each planet would still take 5 billion years to do so.

And it's not as if players will be in a haste to jump from one planet to the next and consecutively, one system to another and then galaxy to galaxy.

Each and every planet is procedurally generated and contains different flora and fauna for players to discover. This also means that there are other species that players may be able to interact with peacefully, or end up fighting against in true space combat fashion — using a fully customizable ship or even on-foot on one of the planets, fight or flight scenarios will happen randomly.

The game is "really" massive and developers (and we) mean it in the truest sense of the word. Furthermore, it's a freeplay type of game as well, meaning gamers are free to do just about anything the game allows as they journey toward the center without following a predetermined set of instructions or linear quests to accomplish such.

Its newest trailer, Explore, gives better insight into this aspect of the game which, worthy of note, is also the first of a four-part series, Guides to the Galaxy. These trailers will feature gameplay elements offered by No Man's Sky; the other three will be Fight, Trade, and Survive.

Explore depicts some of the realms that players will be landing in — including lifeforms, structures, plant life, planets, other space ships and intelligent beings — and, presumably, reveals just a minuscule part of its whole playable star systems.

No Man's Sky will be available on PS4 and PC platforms. In the meantime, preorders are available now through related channels.

The Explore trailer may be viewed below:

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