Xbox has unveiled its newest custom-designed console, featuring the newest Xbox One S designed with inspirations taken from Gears of War 4.

Xbox One S was showcased in the recently concluded E3 2016 and brought the previous generation of in-house consoles to a bigger hard disk space of 2 TB and dedicated support for Ultra HD 4K titles with the accompanying Blu-ray player as well as high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities for current and future games.

Following recent announcements of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, gamers will surely enjoy their gaming times even more while they interchange gameplay in between PC platforms running on the latest Windows 10 OS and the latest Gears of War 4-inspired blood-red Xbox One S hardware in collaboration with the game's developers, The Coalition.

Xbox writes in an announcement that the company plans to build a future "beyond console generations," opening up a new era of gameplay "without boundaries" that provides more options regarding where and when gamers plan to play.

At first glance, players will notice its bloody appearance with the fitting scratch marks included — etched into its sides enabled by the advances in laser-manufacturing tech. This particular design was supposedly inspired by the "battle marks" received when players go against the game's newest set of enemies referred to as the "Swarm."

Xbox One S Gears Of War 4 Limited Edition 2 TB Bundle

The Gears of War 4 Xbox One S console is available as part of a bigger bundle wherein a customized Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has been thrown is as well to complete the tandem. Alongside these hardware components are the following:

• A Blu-ray player and vertical stand for the console and built-in modified system sounds.

• The complete Gears of War 4 download once it launches early access on Oct. 7 for Windows 10 and Xbox One, "featuring cross-play support in all co-op modes." Official release date is on Oct. 11 for others

• A Gears of War 4 Season Pass that unlocks access to all "future multiplayer maps for private games." This also includes the exclusive Vintage VIP Pack and six Gear Packs (with the Vintage JD Gear Pack).

• The Vintage Oscar Elite pack and Vintage Del Gear Pack.

• Free download of all previous Gears of War titles.

The complete bundle will be available for $449 while supplies last on the Microsoft Store, Xbox website and other retailers in about 25 countries worldwide.

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