Organization is key when it comes to seeing what tasks need to be completed so that we can be productive when it comes to work, school and our personal lives. Now, Android users have an easier way to stay organized, thanks to this new productivity app that just landed in the Google Play Store.

Called Gyst, short for Get Your Stuff Together, the free app differs from others in the same category by using text messaging to help users check things off of their to-do list, manage tasks, prioritize what's important and to be able to stay on top of busy schedules.

It makes sense that texting is at the app's core since texting is much a major means of communication. In fact, a report from eWeek found that 72 percent of business professionals prefer texting to messaging apps, and 80 percent of people use texting for business.

"Most people use SMS texting for work — it's never been more popular," CEO and founder of Gyst Bruce Cornfield said. "But native, built-in texting apps don't work for business because they were designed for social use. As a result, many busy professionals waste a lot of time juggling apps and misplacing important texts. We figured that we could solve this problem and make busy people more productive."

Gyst integrates texts, tasks, contacts and calendars all into one centralized location. Users can text anyone they need to regardless if they have to app or not. The user can start a single or group chat, with the ability to add or remove people, send pictures and videos and mute conversations.

When setting up a business meeting while texting, the app allows users to be able to confirm a date and time faster, thanks to the calendar sync functionality. Now, users don't need to juggle between multiple apps to get things done.

Users can then take advantage of features like setting a priority flag to be able to manage important business conversations, or creating a to-do list from directly from a text.

Texts can also be organized by a specific topic, project or contact, and the app has an advanced search capability that eliminates the need to scroll through text messages to find the important information needed.

While Gyst is free to download, those who pay $0.99 per month for the in-app upgrade, Gyst Pro, will get added features like the ability to attach any type of file, including a pdf or ppt, to share notes from a meeting or the next big presentation with co-workers. Gyst Pro also features a delayed send function that lets users compose a text and schedule it for later and save texts and attachments to the cloud.

Gyst is currently only available for Android, with an iOS version of the productivity app currently in development.

Source: Gyst

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