There have been many reports regarding the upcoming latest flagship of Apple smartphone, the iPhone 7, as the company gears up for its announcement in September.

Some of the recent ones include a video that seemingly compares the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6s, the report on the replacement of the 3.5 mm headphone jack with a Lightning port, and a rumor that the storage options of the smartphone will begin from 32 GB, dropping the previous option of 16 GB.

Most of the reported changes coming to the iPhone 7 will be internal and it is widely expected that the upcoming flagship smartphone will look very similar to the iPhone 6s. Apple might now be second guessing that decision, though, as a survey reveals that a new iPhone without a redesign might not be snapped up by its customers.

In a survey carried out by Quartz among 525 respondents, all of which are adults who own iPhones, it was revealed that without a redesign on the iPhone 7, only 4.2 percent are extremely likely to upgrade to the latest flagship and only 5.1 percent are very likely to make the same upgrade, which is a combined 9.3 percent of the respondents. The remaining 90.7 percent of the respondents will possibly not upgrade to the iPhone 7, with 45.9 percent of the iPhone owners stating that they are not at all likely to move up to the latest flagship if there is no redesign.

In a supporting question, Quartz asked its respondents if they would be interested in upgrading their iPhone for each new redesign of the device. A combined 25.3 percent said that they would be extremely interested or very interested in making such an upgrade.

The survey also checked the pulse of iPhone owners on the rumor that the upgrade cycle of Apple will shift from the current two years to three years. The answers were clearly divided, with 34.4 percent of the respondents saying that it is extremely likely or very likely that they will also adjust to the same upgrade pattern and 29.9 percent saying that they will not so likely or not at all likely to make the same adjustment.

Sources are also claiming that Apple will skip making an iPhone 7s model, and will go straight to the iPhone 8 next year, which will feature a complete overhaul in terms of both style and function. Perhaps iPhone owners will be more excited about that future model, as compared with the lukewarm response that customers are sending toward the iPhone 7.

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