Who are the most annoying Facebook users? Survey says...


The results are in, a UK survey shows the most annoying Facebook habits of all time, and with currently 829 million active daily users, there's bound to be quite a few annoying quirks out there, and it's not pretty.

We all have those friends. The ones who flood our walls with extreme close-up selfies, passive-aggressive status updates, or of constant links to random videos that make you go, 'Not again!'

Everyone has annoying Facebook friends. Some are mildly entertaining enough to keep on your feed, others are relegated to the unfollowed category, and others get the dreaded unfriend click.

And now, a London survey company reveals the top social media faux-paus of irritating friends that drive most people mad. According to the results published by the top social media offenders are couples who just can't stop gushing over each other on their friend's feeds.

In fact, 26 percent of the survey respondents simply abhorred the lovey-dovey public messages their coupled friends post. 'Get a room!' Most people seem to think. Or create a private chat room at the very least where they can gush and coo. They considered the public display of affection unnecessary behavior, and just plain irritating.

"There is nothing worse than going on Facebook and seeing someone gushing over their boyfriend or girlfriend. It's so unnecessary, why can't couples just text that sort of thing to each other? Or better yet tell them to their face," one participant complained.

A close second annoying update, according to the survey, are posts that are just extremely boastful, or the dreaded "humble-brag." 22 percent of the survey respondents said constant bragging updates are enough to make them want to unfriend the offending poster.

And the third most offensive Facebook updating habit? At 19 percent, its people with seemingly too much free time on their hands to update their statuses multiple times in a day.

Other named annoying habits were updates of moaning and complaining too much. People also do not respond well to updates from fitness fanatics, animal lovers, and, quite understandably, stalkers.

So check your walls right now to make sure you're not one of the offending parties on this list. 

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