What Happens When Two Musicians Play The 'Star Wars' Theme On John Williams' Lawn? Pure Magic


The music of John Williams and the Star Wars film saga are inseparable. It's almost impossible to think about one without the other, and Williams' work continues to amaze and inspire to this day, even as he crafts new music for upcoming Star Wars films.

It certainly inspired the two musicians in the video below, who made a spontaneous decision to play the Star Wars theme in front of Williams' house earlier this month. What happened next is pretty spectacular.

Bryce Hayashi, a 13-year-old trumpet player, played the high part of the iconic piece of music, while Michael "Mickle" Miller played the low. Together, the two performed a nearly perfect rendition of the Star Wars theme for a full minute outside of Williams' house.

The composer doesn't come out at first. At around the 1:00 minute mark in the video below, Williams can be seen in the doorway of his home, looking out to see who exactly is responsible for the musical tribute. Hayashi and Miller wave to the man, who then makes his way outside to formally greet them.

"I start to listen and I think, 'oh, they'll never make it,' and they did!" Williams says to the two musicians in reference to their performance. The two musicians quickly introduce themselves to the iconic composer. Williams then shakes hands with the young Hayashi, who Miller says "played the hard part" of the piece. Williams looks impressed. The video of the meeting has gone viral online, gaining more than 1.4 million views and counting in less than a week.

It would have been easy for Williams to sit inside his home and ignore the commotion outside. No doubt, he regularly gets unwanted visitors, and he's surely a busy man. Nonetheless, he took the time out of his day to greet and congratulate a young musician who found inspiration in his work. It was a happy ending for all! It doesn't get any better than that. Here's hoping Williams' work continues to inspire many more new generations of musicians for a long, long time to come.

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