'Suicide Squad' Comic-Con Footage Reveals Harley Quinn's Original Jester Outfit


It wasn't that long ago that word got out that Harley Quinn's classic jester costume would be making an appearance in David Ayer's upcoming Suicide Squad film. That got fans of the character more than a little excited, but few could have expected the Easter egg to be revealed prior to the film's actual release.

Nonetheless, that's exactly what happened at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. Warner Bros. released more than nine minutes worth of B-roll footage from the film's production. There are a ton of minor spoilers in the video, and it just so happens to include not one, but two great looks at Quinn's original red and black jester outfit.

The first glimpse at the costume comes during a scene involving the Joker. The clown prince of crime appears to be in his room (which is naturally filled with guns and bottles of champagne). In the background, a mannequin sporting Quinn's costume can be seen, which makes sense, given the connection the two characters share.

Our next look at the costume, and likely the first appearance of it in the actual movie, is when the various villains of the Suicide Squad are suiting up for battle. Quinn picks up her classic costume, hugs it, recalls fond memories and can then be seen tossing it aside in favor of her new, short-shorts look. Check out both glimpses below.

Here's what costume designer Kate Howley had to say about the scene earlier this month:

"There's a delightful scene where they're all putting on their 'murderous suits,' as they call them, because when they put them on, people die," Howley says. "And Harley's sitting there and you'll see a moment where she's putting on all her corsets, so we quote every comic variation of her. It's her dress-up box. And I feel sure that jester suit is going to come into it because none of us can leave it alone."

Including Quinn's classic costume is a nice nod to longtime fans of the character, and it looks great in the footage revealed so far. While it's a little odd for Warner Bros. to reveal this great Easter egg ahead of the movie's release next month, perhaps it will help even more DC Comic fans head to the movie theater when Suicide Squad finally does arrive on Aug. 5.

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