It's almost August, and that means it's time for a new batch of free games for Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscribers. In an official blog post, Sony has revealed the six games that will be available for PS Plus members next month, but chances are you haven't heard of most of them.

Leading the charge for the PlayStation 4 is Rebel Galaxy and Tricky Towers. Rebel Galaxy is perhaps best described as truckers in space, as players negotiate with alien races, take part in space battles and transport cargo to the far reaches of the galaxy. The game released back in October for PC to positive reviews, and launched on PS4 in January.

Joining Rebel Galaxy is Tricky Towers, a new physics-based puzzle game that is making its debut when it goes free for all subscribers. The game sports local multiplayer for up to four players, as players race to build their tower while attempting to disrupt the construction of their opponent's. One of the month's free PS Vita games, the twin-stick shooter Ultratron, will also be free for PS4 players.

For those still enjoying their PlayStation 3, Yakuza 5 will be going free alongside the music-based shooter Retro/Grade. Joining Ultratron on the Vita is Sony Japan Studio's Patapon 3, which originally made its debut on the PSP.

It's definitely not the most impressive PS Plus lineup ever, but players might be surprised at some of the quality on display here. Rebel Galaxy seems to be a great title for those who love space sims, and the Yakuza series is well regarded by many, even if it has never exactly caught on in the West. For comparison's sake, last month, PS Plus subscribers could snag the stylish (and difficult) action game Furi and the over-the-top Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell on PS4 for free. Usually, Sony's lineup will include a smaller indie game and a more mainstream title, but that isn't the case next month. This is also a reminder that if you have yet to download July's free games, you won't be able to do so for much longer.

On the Xbox side of the equation, subscribers can download and play Beyond Good and Evil, Spelunky, WWE 2K16 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. You can read more about Xbox's August free game lineup here.

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