Critics and those who write about video games for a living have yet to get over Beyond Good and Evil.

The action-adventure title from Ubisoft received rave reviews when it released back in 2003, but it unfortunately didn't sell well. Fans are still waiting on a sequel more than a decade later, and it seems like those who have played the game make it a point to encourage others to play it at every opportunity.

Come August, that opportunity will arrive for millions of Xbox Live subscribers, as Beyond Good and Evil HD is one of next month's free "Games With Gold" titles. It will be available for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, thanks to the Xbox One's backward compatibility. With a strong female lead character, sharp writing, great platforming and solid combat, it's a must-play.

But just because Beyond Good and Evil is headlining next month's lineup doesn't mean there isn't plenty of other great games as well. Joining Beyond Good and Evil on Xbox 360 is the indie smash hit Spelunky. Spelunky will be up for grabs from Aug. 1-15, with Beyond Good and Evil going free from Aug. 16-30.

On the Xbox One side of the equation, players are also getting two new free options. First up is Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, which will be available for the entirety of August. Warriors Orochi is a spin-off of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchise, where players do battle against hundreds of foes at a time.

Joining it will be 2K's WWE 2K16, which is sure to delight wrestling fans who held off on buying last year's installment of the franchise. By all accounts it's one of the best WWE 2K games in recent memory, featuring a massive roster and plenty of gameplay options for fans to sink their teeth into. WWE 2K16 will be free from Aug. 16-30.

All in all it's a pretty solid lineup for Xbox gamers. Spelunky is one of those endlessly playable roguelikes that never seems to get old, while (as previously stated) Beyond Good and Evil is a classic that more than few players overlooked when it originally released. Combine those with a great wrestling game and the time-killing simulator that is Warriors Orochi, and Xbox fans have plenty to be happy about come August.

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