You can finally run emulators and homebrew software on your PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), the handheld gaming console, thanks to the enterprising group called Team Molecule.

The group was able to jailbreak PS Vita's 3.60 firmware through the web browser of the console, giving homebrew users complete access to the device's hardware. Thanks to the jailbreak, PS Vita users will be able to rehash the handheld console as an emulator.

Dubbed HENkaku, the free hack from Team Molecule is a browser-based exploit and works on the latest 3.60 firmware of the PS Vita. The process is pretty simple and unlocks the hidden potentials of the handheld hardware.

Requirements For Installing HENkaku

• A PS Vita or PSTV. Make sure these run the firmware 3.60 and not any other version.

• Memory card with minimum 10 MB of space free. New devices do not support internal memory. To homebrew the device, make sure to use your PC's FTP client.

• An internet connection.

How To Run The Exploit

Running the ad-free exploit is easy. If you own a PS Vita with the latest 3.60 firmware version, simply visit from the inbuilt browser on the console. Next, click on the install button and follow the instruction to install HENkaku.

However, this jailbreak is not a permanent one so it means that every time a user turns off their PS Vita and then turns it on, the jailbreak has to be reinstalled.

How Does The Hack Work?

"HENkaku simply lets you install homebrew as bubbles in LiveArea. It is a native hack that disables the filesystem sandbox. It installs molecularShell, a fork of VitaShell that lets you access the memory card over FTP and install homebrew packages (which we create as VPK files)," stated Yifan Lu, one of the developers and a member of Team Molecule.

Basically, once HENkaku is installed, one can deploy the FTP software to transfer unauthorized ROMs to the memory card of the PS Vita.

For this to be effective, one needs to ensure that their PS Vita console has an ample amount of free memory so that the exploit can be installed and run successfully sans any hiccups.

The games and apps you transfer will be available on the device's home screen and can be accessed or played with ease. However, since HENkaku is a new exploit, there are currently not too many games compatible with the console.

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