Prisma is raving on Indiegogo: the coffeemaker that promises to deliver cold coffee in only 10 minutes has already hit nearly half of its intended crowd funding target, with one month to go.

The excitement brews out of the huge time economy that the device is promising. Regularly, one should wait up to 12 hours to create a well-balanced cold coffee, but the Prisma Cold Brew comes with a promising 10 minutes per chilled drink.

The big advantage of having a cold-brewed iced coffee over the watered down, standard iced coffee is that the richness is there, unspoiled, and it maintains the caffeine kick, to boot.

Prisma says it can deliver it in record time, and the process is simple as well.

Users must grind their coffee of choice as usual and measure it into the filter that goes inside the device. So far, all goes the same as traditional coffee machines. Where Prisma taps into high-end technology is its use of vacuum infusion. Basically, what the coffeemaker does is it pulses the vacuum on and off, so that the flavor from the coffee grounds is released in 8 minutes without heating up the water.

The machine delivers four 6-ounce cups of cold brew in one go.

GE Appliances' FirstBuild crafts the Prisma device at its facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Indiegogo backers probably already know that FirstBuild, alongside crafting devices, is also an online community that refines ideas about how to make home appliances better and more user-oriented.

The vacuum infusion technology is an in-house invention of FirstBuild, which organized a design competition to decide who will actually craft the cold-brew appliance. The final result, which we know as Prisma, borrows ideas from three different designs. Each one of the designer trio will get a share from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which kicked off on Aug. 2 with a promising start.

As much as 261 cold coffee enthusiasts backed the device so far, raising $70,290 at the time of reporting, out of the $150,000 goal.

Taylor Dawson talked to Tech Hive and pointed out that the Prisma Cold Brew was tested against traditional cold brew methods, and it passed all taste tests with flying colors. Not only the aroma, but also the caffeine kick is similar to a traditional overnight cold brew preparation, according to Dawson.

Prisma is not FirstBuild's first finished product. The company is already manufacturing and shipping an induction cooktop, a monogram pizza oven and an ice maker, which is scheduled to start shipping soon.

Bringing the coffee brewing into the 21st century, FirstBuild says that a compatible app is also in tow, enabling users to send Prisma recipes via Bluetooth. This way, you will be able to order your special morning kicker before you get out of bed.

Backers who've contributed at least $229 to the Indiegogo campaign can get the coffeemaker as soon as it starts shipping in September 2017.

Although the price is still a bit on the steep side for those of us who can't tell the difference between an Arabica and a Robusta, fans of the brew will probably be more than happy with their investment.

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