What The 'Suicide Squad' Post-Credits Scene Means For The DC Cinematic Universe


This year saw not one, but two DC films, as Warner Bros. and DC Comics at long last strive to create a film universe that can rival that of Marvel. While at first glance, David Ayer's Suicide Squad might not seem near as important to the overall DC Universe as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, that couldn't be further from the truth: Suicide Squad's post-credits scene helps pave the way for future films, including Justice League.

Spoilers for Suicide Squad below!

Midway through the credits of Suicide Squad, Viola Davis once again takes the screen as Task Force X creator Amanda Waller. She's having a tense meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne in an empty restaurant, and it's clear the two are far from allies. Both parties are looking for favors. Waller wants Wayne's protection for when those seeking the truth about the events of the film come looking for her. Wayne, on the other hand, is seeking more information about metahumans.

Waller gives Wayne a folder containing information on Aquaman, the Flash and Enchantress. When Waller asks why Wayne wants information regarding metahumans, he simply replies that he likes to make friends.

It's then that Waller drops clues that she knows Wayne's alter-ego. As Wayne gets up to leave, Waller comments on how he looks tired, and that perhaps he should stop working nights. That doesn't make Wayne happy, as he makes a threat to Waller: shut Task Force X down, or he and his friends will do it for her. End scene.

The revelations to come out of Suicide Squad are big for a number of reasons. For starters, Batman having more information regarding the various metahumans of the world like Flash and Aquaman will play directly into him forming the Justice League in next year's film. Why exactly Batman needed additional information on Enchantress, however, is unknown. Is he simply seeking a better understanding of the villain and her powers, or will she have some larger role to play moving forward?

Even more interesting is the fact that Waller knows Batman's secret identity, his most closely-guarded secret. Wayne's threat against Waller and Task Force X certainly seemed to imply that the Suicide Squad and the Justice League will butt heads at some point down the line, perhaps in what is surely the inevitable Suicide Squad 2. A Justice League vs. Suicide Squad film could even be in the works.

What exactly the DC Cinematic Universe has in store in the years ahead is still a mystery, but more than any other film before it, Suicide Squad has laid out the groundwork. By introducing a number of iconic villains to the DC film universe for the first time and binding Batman and the Justice League to their fates via Wayne's threat, it seems like the DC Cinematic Universe is finally starting to pay off.

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