Mark your calendars for September, folks, because that is when Sony will reportedly unveil the PlayStation 4 Neo to the public.

This latest rumor should hardly come as a surprise, as many had already assumed that September would be the reveal month for Sony's latest console after the company failed to reveal it at E3. However, as opposed to the Tokyo Game Show (which was the assumed venue), a recent report suggests the console will be revealed at an event in New York on Sept. 7.

"While all indications pointed to an announcement of the PS4 NEO at the Tokyo Game Show in September, our sources tell us an announcement on 7 September in New York," the report, courtesy of French gaming website Game Blog, reads.

Of course, now that this rumor is out there, the all-important question is whether it is actually true.

The site itself is somewhat reputable, exclusively reporting news that has turned out to be true over the past few years, such as the unveiling of Injustice 2 and the fact that the Nintendo NX was supposed to have been released in November 2016.

In addition, the date lines up with the potential slip-up that the GameStop CEO have made when he suggested that the Xbox One S and PS4 Neo would share a release window.

Furthermore, Sony itself has set a precedent with the PlayStation 4 and New York, and might be aiming to adhere to that. The original PlayStation 4 was revealed at an event in New York in 2013, and it's possible that Sony wants to do the same again this year with the Neo.

However, while there are several indications that could suggest that this rumor is true, the fact still remains that Sony has yet to officially say anything on the matter, meaning that this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt.

As a matter of fact, Sony has yet to say much of anything on the matter. So far, the only things Sony has confirmed to the public are that it the console will be more expensive than the PS4, because, as an enhanced PS4, it will boast boosted capabilities such as VR and 4K support, and that it's designed to run alongside the original PS4 and not flat-out replace it. 

Regardless of whether Sony reveals the PlayStation 4 Neo in September, since the console is allegedly slated for a holiday release, it won't be too long until it gets shown off to the public.

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