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Apple Store Down: New Products Coming Up?

The online Apple Store went down on March 21 for maintenance. As a result, there are now speculations about the release of new Apple products like the iPad Pro and the Apple Watch.

Apple March 21, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ To Come In New Violet Color

Samsung may introduce a violet shade for its upcoming flagship devices the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. More news about both devices is expected during Samsung's 'Unpacked Event' on March 29.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 9, 2017

Surface Book Priced Reduced By $250, Is Microsoft Preparing For Surface Book 2 Launch?

Surface Book is available at huge discounts of $250. Could be a sign that Microsoft is gearing up to unveil the highly anticipated Surface Book 2?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 8, 2017

Samsung Reportedly Sets Galaxy S8 Shipment Target At 60 Million Units, Hoping For A Smashing Hit

Samsung has reportedly set the shipping target for the upcoming Galaxy S8 at a whopping 60 million units, higher than for any previous iterations. Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be the smashing hit the company is hoping for?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch Will Reportedly Support GameCube Virtual Console: 'Super Mario Sunshine,' 'Luigi's Mansion' And 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' In Tow

GameCube games may be playable on the Switch, according to reports. Emulation testing on the console has apparently been completed with successful results. Among the games in tow are 'Super Mario Sunshine,' 'Luigi's Mansion' and 'Super Smash Bros. Melee.'

Video Games December 7, 2016

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumored To Be Ready For Trial Production: 2017 Or Early 2018 Possible Release Date

The long-rumored Surface Phone has reportedly began its production trials, according to Chinese publication Commercial Times. Microsoft’s upcoming flagship will reportedly have a late 2017 unveiling, dubbed by Microsoft chief Satya Nadella as the ‘ultimate mobile device.’

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Rumors: 256 GB Storage, 6 GB RAM Variant In The Pipeline

New Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors have made their way into the fore. These new rumors suggest that the smartphone will have a 256 GB option, two system-on-a-chip variants, 6 GB of RAM and a starting price of $850.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 26, 2016

Surface Phone Rumors: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Confirms Pursuit Of The 'Ultimate Mobile Device'

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's chief executive, has hinted at its next smartphone being the 'ultimate mobile device.' The possibly Surface-branded phone is a way for the company to reenter the smartphone business after abysmal results with past Windows Mobile phones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 25, 2016

LG V30 Secondary Display Rumored To Not Have A Ticker: Something Better In The Pipeline?

As per Evan Blass, trusted source of smartphone leaks, LG might bid 'adieu' to the secondary display for its next flagship, the V30. However, is LG really scraping it away or making something better?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 21, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 New Release Date Rumors And Features We Want To See

Microsoft is anticipated to debut its Surface Pro 5 tablet in early 2017, possibly January. We round up all the information we know about the upcoming tablet, as well as features we would like it to sport.

Microsoft November 7, 2016

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung's Next Flagship Smartphone Might Feature An AI Assistant Called Bixby

The latest word on the Samsung Galaxy S8 suggests that it will feature the artificial intelligence of Bixby. The A.I. assistant will likely replace S Voice.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 2, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors Roundup: Specs, Features, Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

Samsung is pooling a lot of resources into the manufacturing of the Galaxy S8 flagship, and rumors are adding up about the upcoming device. We listed the most important info about the S8's specs, features, release date and price.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 29, 2016

OnePlus 3T Specs Rumors: Snapdragon 821, 6 GB RAM And Sony IMX398 Sensor

The alleged OnePlus 3T smartphone from Chinese OEM OnePlus will apparently tout Sony's IMX398 Sensor according to a new rumor. The handset will also house the impending Snapdragon 821 processor and 6 GB of RAM.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 28, 2016

HTC 11 Specs, Features And Release Date Rumors: What We Know About The HTC 10 Successor

The HTC 10 was one great phone, and rumors are piling up about its successor. We gathered all we know about HTC 11’s release date, price, specs and features so you know what to expect.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 21, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Phablet Might Rock $600 Price Tag: Analyst

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 was expected earlier this year, but it looks like the flagship is finally coming. With the release date approaching, rumors are swirling about the hefty price tag of the high-spec phablet.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 15, 2016

PlayStation 5 Rumors: Specs, Release Date And Expert Analysis

The PlayStation 5 could roll out in 2018, and we compiled relevant rumors so you can get an idea about the upcoming Sony console. Experts in the field estimated that the PS5 will have future-proof features and competitive processing power.

Gadgets October 12, 2016

OnePlus 4 Rumors: iPhone 7 Killer To Tout 21 MP Camera, QHD Screen, Snapdragon 830 SoC And More

The OnePlus 4, successor of the OnePlus 3, is anticipated to sport a Quad HD screen and the new Snapdragon 830 processor according to new reports. The phablet will also boast a 21-megapixel primary camera, and could hit the shelves in early 2017.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 12, 2016

Galaxy S8 Specs Rumors: Completely Bezel-Free, Dual Rear Cameras, No Home Button

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next big step for the OEM, and rumors are abundant about the upcoming flagship. The latest bit of info touts that the device might feature a bezel-less design and a dual camera.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 8, 2016

iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple Reportedly Developing iPhone 8 Hardware In Israel

Apple’s iPhone 8 already drew massive attention from the tech community, which gulps rumors about the upcoming device. The latest tidbit of info surfaced in Israel, where parts of iPhone 8 are purportedly developed.

Apple September 29, 2016

HTC Bolt Will Be Available At Sprint Next Month: Rumor

Following the HTC Bolt trademark's discovery, rumors of the handheld's release next month under Sprint also surfaced. Will it really be released as the Thunderbolt's successor?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 16, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored To Feature New 3 GHz Exynos 8895 CPU

Rumors saying that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be carrying a mighty 3 GHz Exynos 8895 CPU have surfaced. Samsung needs all the help it can get after the Note 7 meltdown, and the S8 flagship might be its salvation.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 15, 2016

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung's Upcoming Flagship Smartphone Codenamed Dream And Dream2

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 models are already subject to rumors, and the latest report hints at the possible names of the flagship devices. However, there’s an even more interesting story involving the model numbers for the next generation Galaxy S phones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 14, 2016

Huawei Mate 9 Rumors: Dual Rear Cameras, Kirin 960 Chipset, Android 7.0 Nougat And Everything We Know So Far

Rumors surrounding the Huawei Mate 9 have been more than generous, and if they turn out to be accurate, then a powerhouse of a smartphone with dual rear cameras and the latest Android 7.0 Nougat could be coming soon.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 6, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors: Specs, Features, Price And Everything We Know So Far

Apple is zeroing in on its Sept. 7 launch, where the iPhone 7 will be the star of the event. We compiled a list of rumors, so you know what to expect from the latest Apple flagship.

Apple September 3, 2016

Apple Possibly Working On Curved iPhone For 2017 Release: Samsung Beware

Could Apple be working on an iPhone with a curved display? The latest rumors seem to suggest this is the road the company is taking. A move like this could put even more pressure on Samsung as it tries to stay ahead of Apple in this crucial smartphone battleground.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 23, 2016

Lyft Seeking $9 Billion Buyout, But Uber Says It Wouldn't Pay More Than $2 Billion

Lyft is reportedly looking for buyers, and the company thinks pretty highly of itself. Lyft requests at least $9 billion from investors, but rivals from Uber are shredding the figure down in every way they can.

Apps/Software August 20, 2016

PS4 Neo Rumors: Sony To Unveil Console At New York Event In September

The latest rumors about the PlayStation 4 Neo are in, and they say that Sony will reveal the new console at a New York event on Sept. 7.

Video Games August 9, 2016

Rumors Suggest 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Gamescom Announcement: Here's Why It Probably Won't Happen

Although the internet is currently rife with rumors that Rockstar Games will finally announce 'Red Dead Redemption 2' at this year's Gamescom, here's why that announcement probably won't happen there.

Video Games July 25, 2016

E3 2016: Those 'God Of War 4' Rumors Are Starting Already

With Sony's E3 press conference set to kick off later tonight, it's no surprise that rumors are starting to circulate — but do these latest 'God of War 4' rumors have a leg to stand on?

Video Games June 13, 2016

Rumor: Channing Tatum Up For DC Films Role

With the fate of the 'Gambit' movie up in the air, rumors suggest that actor Channing Tatum will leave the project and take on a role in the DC Films universe instead.

Movies/TV Shows June 6, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Specs, Design And Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Apple will launch the iPhone 7 in September, and we rounded up all we know so far about the next-gen handsets. The new models are reported to be better looking, more powerful, and packed with sharper cameras.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 15, 2016

Is Tom Hardy Appearing In Star Wars: Episode VIII?

Will Tom Hardy be appearing in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII?' If the rumors are true, he is, and he’s set for a hilarious sequence involving John Boyega’s Finn.

Movies/TV Shows May 11, 2016

'Game Of Thrones' Season Six Rumors: Will Winter Bring The Rise Of The Starks?

Rumors are swirling around that the sixth season of 'Game of Thrones' belong to House Stark and its remaining living heirs. Read on to find out what Sansa, Arya and Bran have to say about it.

Movies/TV Shows April 20, 2016

Microsoft Is Said To Be Prototyping New Xbox Consoles

Amid rumors of an upgraded PlayStation 4, more rumors about an upgraded Xbox One continue to circulate.

Geek April 19, 2016

Nintendo NX Reportedly More Powerful Than PS4 'By A Noticeable Amount' In CPU, GPU And Memory: More Details

A tipster stirred great hype among Nintendo fans, claiming that the NX console will pack more powerful specs than the PS4. Information about a number of Wii U remastered titles also appeared in the post and Nintendo gamers should rejoice.

Gadgets April 15, 2016

‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoots For Humor Is Silly: David Ayer

'Suicide Squad' Director David Ayer shoots down reshoot for humor rumors via Twitter. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Enchantress introduce a new 'Suicide Squad' trailer.

Movies/TV Shows April 12, 2016

A Female Link In Legend Of Zelda Makes Perfect Sense

Not only is it time for a female Link in 'Legend of Zelda,' it is long overdue.

Geek April 12, 2016

Nokia A1 Android-Powered Mid-Ranger Shows Up In Leaked Renders Ahead Of Alleged Summer Launch

Renders of the upcoming Nokia A1 mid-range handset surfaced online, indicating the brand's revival at last. The source indicated that the mobile community could see a strong comeback from Nokia no later than this summer.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 4, 2016

Android-Powered BlackBerry Hamburg And BlackBerry Rome Tipped For This Year

BlackBerry might release two new smartphones in 2016, codenamed Hamburg and Rome. According to reports, the two devices will be aimed at the mid-range and top-tier niches, but skepticism is recommended.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 1, 2016

How Credible Are All These Nintendo NX Rumors? We Take A Look

Nintendo's new NX console is still shrouded in mystery, but early reports and rumors may have revealed far more than Nintendo would like to admit.

Geek March 26, 2016

Report: Nintendo Ending Wii U Production Later This Year

The Wii U has been struggling for almost as long as it's been on the market. And, according to the latest reports, Nintendo may be putting the console to rest later this year.

Geek March 22, 2016

'Red Dead Redemption' Sequel Reportedly Coming In 2017

'Red Dead Redemption' was one of Rockstar's most successful titles of the last generation, but the series has been quiet for 6 years - but, according to rumors, that might not be the case for much longer.

Geek March 18, 2016

HTC One M10 Will Reportedly Launch As HTC 10

HTC will switch of its smartphone branding with its next flagship. Maybe "M One" was starting to give off bad vibes.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 6, 2016

Will 'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Be A Nintendo NX Exclusive?

A new rumor, confirmed by several sources, has surfaced that the long-awaited sequel of 'Beyond Good and Evil' may finally appear as an exclusive on Nintendo's next console, the NX.

Geek March 3, 2016

New NX Rumors State Nintendo's Next Console Will Include 'Haptic Feedback'

New rumors about Nintendo's new NX console have hit the web.

Geek February 29, 2016

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