A handful of major American cities are offering moviegoers the chance to go inside the world of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

Paramount and IMAX are teaming up with Oculus Rift to provide an immersive virtual reality exhibit based on the upcoming movie. Over the next month, the traveling marketing campaign will visit theaters in New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Chantilly, VA.

In the film, a human spaceship called the Endurance takes a small crew in the near future to the outer reaches of the universe in search for a new home for humanity. The VR experience allows anyone to experience what life is like on the Endurance, where they'll get a tour of the ship, and somehow, according to Variety, "experience zero gravity." How that's accomplished with nothing but audio and video is anybody's guess, but the Oculus Rift goggles have been said to be extremely immersive.

According to USA Today, the VR experience was created by visual effects company Framestore. It took a team of 20 people two months to re-create the Endurance. Christopher Nolan himself tried out the VR experience and gave it his stamp of approval. "I was impressed with how the experience is able to put you in the cockpit of Interstellar's spaceship, the Endurance," said Nolan. "It was just like being back on set."

The exhibit is open between 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM at the following locations: • October 6-8: AMC Lincoln Square 13 in New York, NY • October 17-19: AMC Gulf Pointe 30 in Houston, TX • October 25-27: AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19 in Los Angeles, CA • November 5-December 6: The Smithsonian (Udvar-Hazy Center) in Washington, D.C.  Best of all, the Interstellar VR experience is free.

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