Looking for something to keep you busy online during work breaks or when it seems like the clock is frozen in time? You can now spend the rest of the day getting your geography on while playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, beat levels in the arcade platform Bubble Bobble or beat 'em up in Double Dragon directly from your web browser.

Internet Archive has made playing all these retro games possible by adding more than 10,000 games, programs, apps and demos that were previously released for Commodore's '80s PC series Amiga to its library.

Not only are these classic titles available on the web for anyone with an internet connection, but the best part is that all of them are available to play for free.

Among the vast amount of Amiga games added to the nonprofit library Archive.org are titles like R-Type, Batman: The Movie, Wizball, Action Fighter, Project X, Space Ace and Nicky Boom.

However, there do seem to be some repeats like Deluxe Pac Man v1.1 and Deluxe Pac Man x1.7a, and missing from the collection are popular games like Elite and The Secret of Monkey Island.

Even so, gamers can get all nostalgic and waste the entire day by taking this virtual walk down memory lane. Along with playing on the web, players can also download the titles to play on the PC with an emulator.

However, just because the Amiga games are available for web browsers doesn't mean that they are remastered or free of flaws. Players may experience some glitches while gaming.

This isn't the first time Internet Archive has added Amiga software to its library. It previously did so in 2013, so it's not exactly clear which games added are new or have previously been available.

The Archive is important because it preserves pieces of gaming history, especially when it comes to old retro games that can't conveniently be played anymore. While this should be positive thing, it got into some trouble after making Nintendo Power magazine, which was originally published from 1988 to 2001, and available online for free without the company's blessing.

At least gamers can enjoy the expansive library of retro games. Feel free to game on.

Source: Internet Archive

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