The latest update to the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides interface is just that simple and straightforward, yet owners of the iPad Pro still had to wait for it for months. Finally, the Split View is now available for Google's suite of documentation tools. As a result, the apps now look better on the iPad Pro.

Plus, the nifty auto-formatting feature now on Google Sheets will make copy-pasting cells easier on Docs and Slides. Here are two of the latest features:

1. Split View On Google Docs, Sheets And Slides

As the name suggests, the Split View will enable users to work on two different applications placed side by side on their tablet screen. It is important to note, however, that the update is exclusive to the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well as the iPad Air 2.

Split View was first introduced to the public by way of iOS 9, but it will continue to support apps across Apple tablets when the iOS 10 is released in the fall.

Today, owners of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can breathe easy knowing they don't anymore have to contend with documents and spreadsheets viewed only through the portrait mode. This is especially hard when navigating between cells and tables on a mobile platform.

Bear in mind, Google did try to fix the problem a few months back, but it forget to throw in that much-loved splitscreen mode. The update this week solves all that and more.

Of course, users who work on projects via a mobile device know how difficult it is just switching between apps and tabs and files. While the device's portability and touchscreen functionality make the tablet a prized tool for those on the go, having the Split View option takes the device a step further toward becoming a legitimate alternative to the laptop.

Now, with a few more tweaks, mobile productivity becomes easier, faster and more polished on this new interface of the well-loved Docs and Sheets.

2. Easy Formatting Of Cells On Google Docs And Slides

That's not all there is to the update, though. Users who rely heavily on Google's documentation tools will now find it easier to copy cells from Google Sheets onto Google Docs or Slides because the entries will automatically transform into a fully formatted table once pasted.

Remember, however, that only up to 400 cells can be pasted onto the documents at a time. Users should also update all three Google Drive applications to maximize the new automatic feature, Android Police notes.

3. Other Google Docs And Sheets Add-Ons

On top of Google's own updates, third-party developers are also lending the company a hand in producing add-ons suited for Google Docs and Sheets.

In July, eight developers stepped in and introduced nifty features that complement the two apps. The range of add-ons include the digital signature tools DocuSign and PandaDoc, the QR code and barcode scanning app Scanbot, and the bibliography tool EasyBib, among others. Interested users can learn more from our report.

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