More new Pokémon coming in Pokémon Sun and Moon and the antagonistic group Team Skull have been officially revealed, and even though they may have been spoiled earlier via a ton of leaks, it's still awesome to see them making the headlines again.

Right off the bat, there are six Pokémon to meet and register in the Pokédex — three of them are new, and the rest are Alolan forms of familiar ones. On top of that, there are the bigwigs of the evil, let's-be-jerks-to-the-players troop and their lackeys.

New Pokémon To Catch


Type: Water

Ability: Schooling

At first glance, Wishiwashi looks innocuous enough, being a small fry and all, but locals of the Alola region are apparently terrified of it. No mystery there because when it uses its ability Schooling, it turns into a frightening sea creature, jumbling together with other Wishiwashi and transitioning from Solo Form to School Form.


Type: Water

Ability: Innards Out

This sea cucumber possesses a unique ability that no other Pokémon can do, but despite that, tourists don't seem to like them. People can even get part-time jobs throwing them back to sea, but no matter how hard they try, once a Pyukumuku has chosen a place, it'll keep returning to it, even if it starves there.

If that weren't interesting enough, it uses its ability Innards Out one last time when it faints in battle, dealing damage equal to the amount of HP it had before taking the final blow.


Type: Grass/Fairy

Ability: Illuminate and Effect Spore

Being nocturnal, Morelull moves about in the night, and that's not just for kicks too. It needs to constantly walk, as it absorbs too much nutrients from the soil and causes other plants around it to wither when it stays too long in one place.

Alolan Marowak

Type: Fire/Ghost

Ability: Cursed Body and Lightning Rod

In Alola, there are plenty of grass type Pokémon going around, and because of that, the Marowak in the region had to adapt to survive. Before they changed form, they had to stick together in pairs to fend off foes, but with fire on their bones — literally — the prey becomes the hunter, or something like that.

Alolan Raichu

Type: Electric/Psychic

Ability: Surge Surfer

The Alolan Raichu is arguably the equivalent of surfer dudes, as it channels its psychic powers to its tail to hop on it and ride the "airwaves." Researchers are baffled about why the Raichu changed forms in the region, attributing it to possibly eating too many pancakes. At any rate, it also knows a unique ability called Surge Surfer, allowing it to become two times faster on electric terrain.

Alolan Meowth

Type: Dark

Ability: Pickup and Technician

Meowth are already naturally full of pride to begin with, and take that up a notch, they turn into dark-type Pokémon. It's said that this change occurred when they were sent to the royal line in Alola and pampered even more than usual. As expected when a new species is introduced to an ecosystem, it spread out and became common in the area.

The Villains Team Skull


Apparently, the head honcho of Team Skull Guzmo is a Pokémon enthusiast who didn't make the cut as a captain, and it seems that he has a "bone to pick" with Professor Kukui — other than the player and the rest of the natives in Alola, that is.


As the "older sister" of the group, Plumeria looks out for the team's Grunts. To that extent, it's safe to assume that players will be running into her whenever they deal with a couple of the low-ranking Team Skull minions.


Becoming a follower of Team Skull isn't a great gig at all. Aside from having to wear Skull Tanks, they also have to buy them with their own moola.

That's it for the list. Don't forget to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know what you think of the new Pokémon arriving in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Also, check out the trailer below to get a closer look at what the upcoming titles have in store.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are available for preorder at various retailers, and they are expected to go official on Nov. 18.

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