Master the art of the perfect beer pour


All these years you've been pouring beer wrong. It's true, and it's kind of a depressing thought. How can something so seemingly simple be done so wrong?

No reason to be alarmed, though; Buzzfeed has your back. They've put together a video demonstrating and explaining the perfect way to pour a beer, so you too can become enlightened. Watch below:

It all has to do with nucleation, or bubble formation. By busting out a frosty mug and pouring in a beer at rapid speeds, nucleation actually increases, creating more bubbles and resulting in a lesser taste.

To avoid this, start with a freshly rinsed glass and an ice cold beer. Turn the glass at a 45 degree angle and commence pouring in the beer slowly. As the beer rises to the top, accelerate nucleation by straightening the glass and pouring the rest of the beer into the center.

That brings more oxygen to the beer, creating more bubbles and stabilizing the head of the beer, which, according to the video, should ideally be between an inch and an inch and a half. By pouring beer this way, Buzzfeed says even a cheap beer can be elevated to a whole other level of beerdom. To think, all these years humanity has been in the dark.  

Now all there is left to do is give this method a try. Why not test out your new pouring skills on some of these great pumpkin beers? And in case you start feeling guilty about all this beer drinking, read up on how the hops in beer might actually improve cognitive function

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