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Facebook To Pay Up To $250,000 For Original Videos From BuzzFeed And Vox Media

Facebook has reportedly signed deals with content creators such as BuzzFeed and Vox Media for original content. The social network is willing to pay up to $250,000 for scripted programs, similar to the model used by Netflix and Amazon.

Business Tech May 24, 2017

BuzzFeed Sparks Debate Over Media Ethics After Outing Unverified Trump Report

BuzzFeed published a dossier about Donald Trump alleging the president-elect's connections to the Russian government. The news organization's decision to publish the dossier created a backlash from other journalists and media outlets.

Feature January 12, 2017

OurMine Retaliates Against BuzzFeed After Attempted Identification Of One Of The Hackers

BuzzFeed is the latest victim of the hacking group OurMine, which retaliated against the news outlet for its attempt to expose one of its members. OurMine vandalized posts on the BuzzFeed website and threatened to release a database that it had acquired.

Security October 6, 2016

Twitter vs Free Speech: Did Ex-CEO Dick Costolo Filter Hateful Tweets Against President Obama?

A BuzzFeed report has surfaced alleging former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo ordered employees to filter abusive and hateful tweets against President Barack Obama during a Q&A session. Costolo called the allegations 'total nonsense.'

Business Tech August 11, 2016

Is Canada's Immigration Eligibility Test As Easy As A BuzzFeed Quiz?

In this case, it seems that the answer is yes.

Internet Culture March 2, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber Outbuzz BuzzFeed Topping Web Video Views For First Time

For the first time this year, traditional entertainment beat out viral video-hosting site BuzzFeed in total Web views for November. Ellen DeGeneres topped the chart, with Justin Bieber coming in second ahead of two BuzzFeed sites.

Internet December 22, 2015

SXSW Faces Backlash As BuzzFeed, Vox Media Threaten To Withdraw In Light Of Canceled Anti-Harassment Panel

After SXSW canceled two panels addressing online abuse issues because of threatening letters, BuzzFeed and Vox Media are pulling out of the event unless the organizer changes its decision.

October 28, 2015

BuzzFeed News App Arrives For Android To Help You Catch Up With The Internet’s Latest Buzz

The BuzzFeed News App has been launched on Google Play. It comes with its 'do not disturb' mode and emoji as a storytelling feature.

Apps/Software October 1, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals Users Will Soon Be Able To Delete Pre-Installed Apps

Tim Cook revealed that Apple is working on a way for its users to delete pre-installed apps to free up storage on their devices and spoke on privacy concerning Siri and the new features of the iPhone 6s.

Apps/Software September 15, 2015

Facebook Instant Articles Go Live: A Bold Plan To Radically Change How We Consume News

Facebook has finally released the much anticipated Instant Articles feature, which will see articles from top publishers like The New York Times and National Geographic be embedded directly on Facebook.

Internet May 14, 2015

Facebook 'Instant Articles' Initiative Lures Publishers With Ad Money: What's The Real Bottom Line?

Facebook wants to host news articles on its platform, but publishers are wary about giving full control to the social network.

Internet May 5, 2015

Facebook To Host Content Of News Organizations: What To Expect

Facebook doesn’t want its users to stray off its platform because it wants to keep advertising dollars up.

Internet March 24, 2015

Apple To Release 'Game-Changing' Apple TV Device With Siri And App Store In June

Apple TV is getting a big upgrade. Tim Cook already announced that an Apple streaming TV service will be coming in the fall and the company now says a new Apple TV device will be released this Summer.

Gadgets March 20, 2015

How Does BuzzFeed Make Money?

BuzzFeed's website has no visible ads yet the business is thriving. How exactly does its native advertising model work?

Business March 6, 2015

BuzzFeed Launches New 'Cute Or Not' App For Animal Lovers

Buzzfeed launches Cute or Not , its second app in its 10 year lifespan and as you'd expect, it's all about cute little huggable fluffy animals.

Apps/Software March 2, 2015

Master the art of the perfect beer pour

Learn how to take your beer to the next level with this video, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Internet Culture October 7, 2014

BuzzFeed plans expansion with $50 million-investment from Andreessen Horowitz

Like those listicles? BuzzFeed will be churning out more of those and beyond, thanks to a little bit of help from Andreessen Horowitz--the $50-million kind of help.

Business Tech August 12, 2014

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