Apple is preparing to roll out its iPhone 7 this autumn and rumors on the device are piling up, the latest being that waterproofing might be in store.

The rumor is based on a patent the company secured this week, which describes a system that color-balances underwater photos. The reasoning is that if the OEM wants you to have the technology for making underwater photos crystal clear, it will roll out a device able to take said photos, as well.

The patent does not detail how the gadget carrying the underwater photography software might work, but it does mention that the software is mobile-friendly, referencing iPhones and iPads specifically. Keep in mind that at the moment of the writing, none of Apple's devices are branded as waterproof, but a number of cases manufactured by third-parties tend to fill that demand.

The underwater photography-oriented software might mean that Apple has some scuba diving-friendly devices in tow.

Additional reasons lead one to believe that the OEM's next handset, the iPhone 7, will be waterproof. Multiple rumors surfaced about the company building the new phone without a headphone jack, as the orifice is particularly vulnerable to water.

Apple fans greeted the news of no headphone jack with reluctance and irritation. Take note that the headphone jack is analog technology, whereas the replacement, the Lightning cable, is digital. In its upcoming handsets, Apple could embed software that would block smartphone owners from playing pirated music through the Lightning port. Such infringement on the users' right to play whatever type of file they want was not possible with analog technology.

Interestingly enough, rival smartphone makers have managed to keep the standard headphone jack and still secure IP68 certifications (the official waterproof rating) from the regulators. The latest three flagship models from Samsung — the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 edge and the Galaxy Note 7 — are all water-resistant and equipped with classic headphones.

As with most patents, there is no actual guarantee that Apple will make the software an integral part of its upcoming device, so until we have official confirmation of the fact, take it with a grain of salt.

Apple fans are on their toes waiting for the showcasing of iPhone 7, scheduled to take place in the beginning of September. Whether owners of the iPhone 7 will be able to jump in the pool and take great photos with their new smartphones remains to be seen, but we certainly hope they do.

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