Harley Quinn And Deadshot Join 'Injustice 2'


With Suicide Squad in theaters and the popularity of Harley Quinn at an all-time high, it's no surprise that the Joker's right-hand gal would be returning for Injustice 2. However, while she may be back, she has a number of deadly new tricks up her sleeve.

As revealed in a new gameplay trailer for NetherRealm's Injustice 2, Harley has two Jokerfied (and deadly) hyenas at her side, in addition to a few new moves for players to learn. However, don't worry: she can still juggle enemies with her guns, plant bombs underneath opponents and bash them with her mallet, just like in the first game. Since Injustice 2 revolves heavily around players customizing their favorite characters, expect a number of different looks for Harley, ranging from her more classic jester outfit to her new look in the Suicide Squad film, some of which fans can catch a glimpse of in the trailer.

Joining Harley in Injustice 2 is fellow Suicide Squad member Deadshot. Though he recently appeared in the Injustice mobile game, his inclusion in Injustice 2 will mark his series debut on consoles. The Deadshot featured in the trailer is about as traditional as Deadshot comes, so don't expect to hear or see Will Smith under his helmet. He's got guns on his wrists, a gun on his back and his iconic mask. You know, Deadshot. Sadly, fans don't get a good look at any of his customization options, but there is a glimpse of his impressive ultimate ability.

Deadshot and Harley Quinn join the game's ever-growing roster of heroes and villains. At San Diego Comic-Con last month, it was revealed that Wonder Woman would be returning for the sequel, along with newcomer Blue Beetle. NetherRealm head Ed Boon recently asked fans on Twitter whether they would rather have the Red Hood version of Jason Todd or the Joker in the game, and the overwhelming majority selected Jason Todd's Red Hood. It's not confirmed that the character will be making an appearance, but it seems like a solid bet. Other characters teased by Boon to appear in the game include Swamp Thing.

Interestingly enough, Swamp Thing also made our list of characters we would love to see added to the Injustice 2 roster. Other confirmed fighters for the game include Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl and Batman.

Injustice 2 arrives next year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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