Apple may have taken Bendgate fully head on, even inviting members of the technology press to its iPhone torture chamber in Cupertino to see just how rigorous a testing the iPhone 6 goes through. But there's no knowing how the iPhone maker will respond to the next issue that seems to be bogging down customers who purchased one of Apple's pair of new iPhones.

Bendgate might be slowly dying a quiet death, but a new problem with the iPhone 6 has emerged on Twitter. And it even has its own hashtag: #Hairgate. The problem first started when a 9to5Mac community user named Ayeai posted a problem about her spanking brand new iPhone 6 Plus ripping her hair out every time she makes a call.

"I'm more concerned and somewhat irritated that my iPhone 6 Plus keeps yanking out my hair when I'm making a call," she says. "Initially, I thought it was the hair sticking to the screen protector. But upon closer inspection, it was the seam between the glass and the aluminum -- hair gets stuck and when you try to free it out, it hurts."

Ayeai is not the only one with this problem. Dozens of users on Twitter have also expressed how upset they were, while many others are having a field day taking advantage of Apple users' first-world problems. The problem, however, is not limited to the female half of the human population, who typically have longer hair than most men. Some users employ the hashtag #Beardgate instead of #Hairgate to indicate it's not just a women-only dilemma.

So far, the anti-hipster crowd has applauded Apple for its campaign against the tight jeans-wearing, long-bearded hipsters.

Others surmise the iPhone 6 was made exclusively for a specific group of people.

Others, still, know how to get the most out of the situation and should be awarded five stars for their advertising ingenuity.

And others embarked upon their own scientific experiments to check out just what the Twitter frenzy over Apple's supposedly hair-pulling iPhones were about.

But not everyone got the same results. The editors over at Digital Trends, all of them sporting beards of different shapes and sizes, were unable to replicate the same results other users had.

However, not all iPhone 6 owners know what's going on. All the fuss over #Hairgate has got them wondering just how Apple managed to sell almost 20 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units in their first sales month.

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