Another day, another problem with the iPhone 6.

Upon the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a couple of weeks ago, Apple first made headlines with #Bendgate, where owners reported that their iPhone 6 Plus smartphones could warp under pressure. This even inspired some people to try it out themselves

But now Apple seems to have gotten itself into another hairy situation. Apparently, if you use the iPhone 6 to make a phone call, you risk the phone ripping your hair out. Yes folks, the iPhone 6 devices are now fighting back. We all knew it would come to this one day.

The anonymous author of a community post on the blog 9To5Mac describes getting his or her hair stuck between the glass and the aluminum of the phone after pulling the iPhone 6 away after making a call. As with any little bit of controversy, some iPhone 6 owners took to Twitter to voice their frustration with this irksome feature.

As you can see, this is another instance of Apple making things a bit harder for the ladies, who are more prone to having long hair. But whether you have long hair, short hair, a beard or any kind of hair on your face, you run the risk of getting it caught in your iPhone 6. Ouch.

So if never using your iPhone 6 to make a phone call isn't a solution you're willing to explore, you might think switching to an Android device is the way to go considering all of the purported problems with the iPhone 6. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 experienced its own little issue, #Gapgate, where owners complained of a gap between the case and the screen on their new smartphones.

Is everyone looking forward to hearing about what Apple's next "gate" controversy will be?

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