It appears that iPhone 6 Plus availability is loosening up .The device can now be reserved at many Apple stores, and reports have surfaced that Apple is shifting more resources into iPhone 6 Plus production.

When Apple first announced that it would be offering two different sized versions of its newest generation iPhone, it became clear that this diversification was an attempt to compete with larger-sized smartphones and different size availability offered by its Android rivals. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and others have all been offering larger-sized devices for years.

Apple is long known for diversifying its products to include additional choices in the size of its devices. The iPod nano, MacBook Air, and most recently the iPad Mini are all examples of this strategy. But Apple's flagship mobile device, the IPhone, has survived many similar incarnations until this year when Apple finally decided to take the plunge and offer a significantly larger version.

When Apple first made the announcement, fans and pundits wondered what the demand would be for the larger device. Along with the higher price tag, would users welcome the bigger screen size or would they prefer the tried-and-true, one-handed size that they were used to?

When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus became available, it immediately became clear that there was a demand for the larger device, as it immediately sold out for preorders with a 3-4 week waiting period. When retail availability was announced for the new phones, the iPhone 6 Plus was almost impossible to find or reserve in an Apple store.

What wasn't clear, however, was whether the demand was so great, or the supply was somewhat limited due to production considerations. Now, a new report claims that due to higher-than-expected demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, and conversely lower interest in the iPhone 6, Apple is adjusting its supply ratio to increase iPhone 6 Plus production. The report concludes that users will still have to wait for the supply to catch up to the demand before the device is more readily available: "most component suppliers' current inventories are not sufficient for extra iPhone 6 Plus orders, and device manufacturers also do not have sufficient production lines for related assembly. Therefore, the retail channel may need to wait a while before seeing a significant increase in iPhone 6 Plus supply," the sources noted.

A search of Apple retail stores, however, shows that the iPhone 6 Plus can now be reserved and purchased at many outlets where it was not previously available, indicating that the supply is loosening up, even if it is not a result of the recent production adjustment. It appears that if you want to get your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus at Apple retail stores, while it may be harder than finding an iPhone 6, it is no longer next-to- impossible, as it was in past weeks. We'll keep you informed on iPhone 6 Plus availability as more news and information surfaces.

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