In a weeklong Twitch stream, the Destiny community managed to raise more than $500,000 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

The live-streaming event is a lead-up to the Destiny Community Con, which will be held in Tampa, Florida on Aug. 27. All profits from the mega meet-up of Destiny fans will also go toward helping St. Jude's.

According to the hospital, the Destiny community's most recent donation is the most that has been given to the facility by a gaming community. The previous record was set at about $250,000.

The Destiny Twitch stream only originally had a goal of $350,000, but by the evening of Aug. 24, it had already raised more than $317,000. The fundraising event officially ended at noon of Aug. 25 but a bonus stream was provided to continue collecting donations.

Streams were carried out in 4-hour intervals starting noon of Aug. 18. Twitch user KingGothalion kicked off the event while user ProfessorBroman brought it home.

Other Twitch users who participated in the fundraising event include: TheSpazzyProf, Kmagic101, Charriona, Gunny, GiggleMonster, RealKrafty, GeekChick, Lucky&Buttwhipe, LoriiPops, KingBalor, VsTheStream, KjHovey, Lumi, LacedUp Lauren, Dr Lupo, SayNoToRage, TheMavShow, Meganyy, TripleWreck, Over9000, Meloonie, Ms5000Watts, LeahLovesChief, ItsJayTho, Teawrex, JukeBox360, LuLuSoccer, MsTeamKK, Blue Westlo, SchviftyFive, Datto, Rhabby_V, Ehlien, BumBBX, GuardianOutpost, WishYouLuckk, Mr. Fruit, DamnitBennet, Hamburgler101, WiLLiSGaming and SheSnaps.

"Millenials get a bad [rap] but I think this charity event will prove that even those who can only give a dollar, will," said Kevin Murray, who coordinated the stream and the convention. He also participated in the stream as Twitch user Kmagic101.

He also added that the Destiny community is like no other, saying love and respect within the group is mind-blowing.

"As gamers, we've never seen anything like it."

Destiny: The Collection will be dropping on Sept. 20. It will contain the base game and upcoming expansion Rise of Iron, as well as those before it: The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King.

Separately, Destiny: Rise of Iron will be coming out on the same day. Those who preorder will get their hands on the black and silver Iron Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. The expansion itself will offer powerful new gear, a new six-player raid and a cinematic story campaign.

Those playing The Taken King on the PlayStation 4 will get to enjoy console-exclusive content longer as the exclusivity period for PS4 exclusives has been extended to at least until Fall 2017. PS4-exclusive content from Rise of Iron, like the ship Timeless Tereshkova, the quest Show of Strength and the Crucible maps Icarus and Sector 618, so far bear the same exclusivity period.

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