What if you could reimagine one of your favorite games and make it more retro?

That's what one Reddit user, Helix3333, decided to do and recreated the 3D first-person shooter MMO Destiny as a 2D sidescrolling platform game. However, Helix3333 went beyond putting up a basic concept video. Instead, there's now a playable version of the 2D Destiny now available to play for free.

Called "Project Tiger," the reimagined Destiny celebrates Bungie Day (Bungie is the developer behind Destiny) on July 7.

"Today, we recognize and appreciate the magic that happens when a group of passionate people take a game and make it their own," wrote Bungie on its website. "At Bungie, the seventh day of the seventh month is all about community."

The result is a rather entertaining version of Destiny that allows players to see it in a new way. In the fan-made game, players take on the role of a Guardian while traversing levels and shooting down enemies.

"I made this over the past few months in some spare time and had a lot of fun with it, and I thought it would be a great way to help celebrate Bungie Day!" Helix3333 wrote on Reddit. "So please have a go, play it, beat it, find any secrets and try not to break it, although there's no guarantee that won't happen anyway."

Here is a video of what gameplay looks for Project Tiger:

Anyone wanting to download the platformer can do so with the links provided in the Reddit thread (some links might not work, so try them all). The game is currently available for both PC and Mac.

In the Destiny MMORPG, players become Guardians, the defenders of the last safe city on Earth. Guardians wield Light, a power that helps them protect the City from alien threats. The main mission of the Guardians is to revive the Traveler, a mysterious being that could save the human race. Meanwhile, the Guardians must also fight off alien threats that want to wipe out what's left of humanity.

Destiny originally released in 2014, but since then, several expansion packs are available, including "The Dark Below," "House of Wolves" and the much larger "The Taken King."

Although Destiny originally released to mixed reviews, its release made it one of the biggest selling franchises of all time. It remains a hit with fans, who continue to play the game in masses.

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