Getting annoyed by the clicking sound your mouse makes? Maybe you're not. Maybe you enjoy the sound, but your friends on call certainly do not. To help show your friends and people working around you that you are a considerate person and widen your noiseless mouse options, Logitech announces the upcoming release of its new silent mice lineup.

The Logitech M220 Silent and M330 Silent Plus wireless mice are the Swiss company's first venture into the silent mouse territory. Logitech claims that both mice can deliver in terms of durability, precision and "click" feel, just without the accompanying noise that can prove distracting to some.

"We live in a social world, whether you work in a shared space or at home, but sometimes silence really is golden," says Anatoliy Polyanker, Logitech's global portfolio and brand director, while referring to the M220 Silent and M330 Silent Plus. "Our engineers studied the sources of noise made by a computer mouse and created ways to reduce the decibel level without sacrificing quality."

Logitech notes that both mice's clicking noise have been suppressed by more than 90 percent. Moreover, the company also informs that both products were awarded a Quiet Mark seal of approval by the Noise Abatement Society, which was established in 1959 and has since campaigned to raise awareness and find solutions for noise pollution and pollutants.

Both the M220 and M330 have a 33-foot range, which Logitech attributes to its Nano receiver, and is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Logitech adds that the mice can work on a variety of surfaces courtesy of the company's advanced optical tracking technology.

Similar to some of its previous mice releases, Logitech fitted the M330 and M220 with long-lasting batteries. The former's battery can last up to 24 months while the latter has an 18-month battery life.

The Logitech M330 Silent plus, which offers rubberized grips and a right hand fit, will sell for $29.99 once it becomes available later this month in retail stores and Logitech's online store. The M220 Silent that sports a more portable, ambidextrous design will follow a month later and will hit shelves in October at a slightly lesser price, $24.99

Logitech's announcement of the M330 and M220 comes as part of its participation in the IFA 2016 consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. The company also launched another model, the Logitech M720 Triathlon multi-device mouse, during the on-going event.

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