Those who play The Sims directly from their mobile devices know that they can check in on their characters, making sure their Sims head to work wherever they are with just a few taps. However, those who have been playing The Sims FreePlay for quite some time might be bored with their residents taking on the same boring jobs as a firefighter, musician, teacher or artist.

Now, a Sim can expand their horizons and pursue a new career with the latest app update.

EA announced on Sept. 6 a new update that adds medical professions in the game. Starting today, players can choose a career specialty for their Sims as being either a doctor or a nurse, where they will be in charge of saving lives, administering meds (get ready to chuckle over some laughing gas) and be a caregiver.

Of course, just like in every other profession, the Sim will have to rise to the top if they want to become a world-class Chief Surgeon or Chief Nurse. That means the Sim will start off as a busy intern, so make sure that characters get all the sleep they can get. They will need the energy to take on the many roles they will be assigned, such as a being a Care Assistant or Candy Striper.

The Sim will report to either Downtown or at a new two-level hospital to start work each day, with the ability for the player to follow along with them.

The game's expansion to include the medical profession also allows the player to feel like they are starring in their own version of Grey's Anatomy. Their Sim might find love with a doctor after they begin to spend lots of time with their new co-workers.

As the Sim advances in this career, the player will earn resources along the way that will unlock new wings of the hospital. These include the expansion of a Pharmacy section, a Psychiatrist's Office and a Radiology Center that features an X-ray machine.

After exploring the new hospital, the player can accompany their Sim to see all that the download has to offer as part of the new map. Make sure to also hop on board at the new train station, which will be available after completing the new "Train Station Discovery Quest" that will start on Sept. 6.

Scrub in as a doctor or nurse at Sim Town Hospital and "diagnose some fun day today."

The medical professions are now available as part of a free The Sims FreePlay app update for iOS and Android.

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