New Google Hangouts for desktop looks like Facebook Messenger ... but who will complain?


The new Google Hangouts app offers an easier way for users to access their conversations, which is a dramatic change from keeping those conversations buried in the browser windows. It is a simpler and faster way to share and exchange messages while allowing one's self to remain undistracted with PC tasks. With this, messages are never missed, always updated, and responded to faster.

The new Hangouts app has a design that is streamlined to deliver a sort of "multitasking" display feature where one continues uninterrupted with work while reading and responding to messages at the same time. The app takes its concept from Facebook Messenger's Chat Heads where users can have the same experience, only this time they are chatting in Hangouts instead of chatting in Facebook.

For those who have been using Google Hangouts since it was introduced, notice how a conversation with someone is kept in a tab form that nestles at the bottom of the display when the chat box is minimized. The tab remains visible as long as the browser is not changed.

In the new Hangouts app, the conversation tab is replaced with a Chat Head, which the user can place anywhere he wants to within the display. Through this, he can easily notice whenever a new message comes in. The Chat Heads remain visible even during a browser change. When the app feels that the user is inactive, it automatically minimizes the chat windows in order to avoid screen clutter.

The new app includes the video and voice features that everyone is familiar with in Google Hangouts. Just recently, Google announced that the Hangouts dialer is already available for making phone calls to any number in the world. This time, users can make phone calls right from the desktop. Dubbed as Google Voice, the app also comes with complete Google Voice support. Apart from making calls, users can receive incoming calls, voicemail and SMS messages directly in Google Hangouts.

Users can also view and continue with their Hangouts conversation across various devices. These would include both devices from Apple and Android. The notifications alert appear only once and will be removed on other devices as soon as it is retrieved. It even has a snooze feature if the user prefers to respond at a later time.

Just like in Facebook, users can also send emojis in their Hangouts conversation. Currently, there are more than 850 emojis that users can add to make them express better what is on their mind.

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