Most consumers would say that Samsung is handling the total recall of the Galaxy Note 7 efficiently. While it is unfortunate that the company will have to replace all the Galaxy Note 7 units so far sold, Samsung has been very transparent about the matter.

Samsung issued the worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 because of reports that the battery of the smartphone explodes, causing the device to catch fire. At the time, Samsung said that there were 35 such cases worldwide.

Through the recall, customers are allowed to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with another unit through the retail store where they acquired the smartphone. They can also call Samsung's customer support hotline and swap their unit for a new one through mail.

Samsung's swift action and commitment to make the recall as convenient as possible to customers, along with the $25 gift card or phone bill credit that will be given away to Galaxy Note 7 users who participate in the program, shows that the company is really trying hard to handle the issue well. However, Consumer Reports has criticized Samsung, claiming that the company is handling the recall wrongly.

According to Consumer Reports, Samsung should have launched an official recall for the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States. The company's announcement on the replacement of all units of the smartphone sold so far is said to be not an official one, as it did not involve the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

While there have been reports claiming that Samsung launched an official recall for the Galaxy Note 7, the fact is simply untrue in the United States as the company did not go through the required process.

The first step that Samsung should have done is to report the issues that it discovered to the CPSC, as mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Act. The agency would then investigate the reports and determine if a recall is necessary in its recommendations.

If Samsung made the product recall an official one and involved the CPSC, it would have been against the law to sell the Galaxy Note 7. This is important as upon checking retailers for the Galaxy Note 7 after Samsung made its recall announcement, there were still some stores that were selling the smartphone.

An official recall would have given the government the authority to launch measures that would ensure the safety of consumers. In addition, it would be illegal to continue selling the Galaxy Note 7 after the announcement of an official recall.

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