Dust off those "Magic Dance" shoes and get your crystal balls ready, kids. Labyrinth is getting a sequel.

The news came at the tail end of a report in Variety about Billy Crystal joining The Jim Henson Company's upcoming film adaptation of the children's book Which Witch? as a writer, producer and star. Variety announced that the company is working on developing revivals of some of its best-known projects, including LabyrinthDoesn't that news just make you want to put on your Jareth wig and hang out with some goblins?

Since it premiered in 1986, Labyrinth has inspired a passionate cult following, an annual masquerade ball and Internet memes. The film follows 15-year-old Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) as she tries to make her way through the labyrinth of Jareth the Goblin King (played by David Bowie) in order to get her baby brother Toby back. This movie would be completely terrifying if it weren't for a whole bunch of lovable muppet goblins that bring some comic relief.

Of course, there's no word on anything else having to do with the sequel, including the plot or the cast, so we can only wish on our crystals that Bowie will reprise his role as Jareth, or at least make a cameo.

And those other "legacy titles" from the Henson library that are also currently in development? Why, we could be seeing a Fraggle Rock movie, a sequel to 1982's The Dark Crystal and a movie based on the Emmett Otter character in the future, Variety reported.

Now, who wants to watch all of that? Who do? You do.

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