Those excited for the upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast or ready to cuddle up in the cold months with Frozen on repeat can start creating their own magical kingdom, thanks to the launch of a new mobile game from Disney.

Titled Disney Enchanted Tales, this game allows players to take a page from these stories and create their very own kingdoms that feature iconic landmarks from some of Disney's most popular movies.

Featured in this game is content from Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and Tangled, including storylines, characters and buildings from each of those films.

Disney Enchanted Tales allows the player to expand their empire by completing tasks and quests. Completing them will unlock new buildings and landmarks, like Belle's Bookstore, Beast's Castle, Elsa's Ice Palace and Rapunzel's Tower.

There are also story-based missions that unlock new characters, outfits and story moments from other classic Disney tales along the way.

Since Disney Enchanted Tales features the three films stated above, characters in the game include Belle, Gaston, Anna, Prince Hans, Rapunzel and Flynn, with players given the ability to interact with them.

At the start of the game, the player is asked to choose a story — Beauty and the Beast, Frozen or Tangled — to start building their magical world. They are then shown a recap of the tale and then taken into the game, where they are given a brief tutorial to get used to the controls and features.

The player makes their character do tasks such as feeding chickens to earn rewards. Once a "Moment" like this is completed, the player earns stars, which helps them level up.

The player also earns coins that they can use toward buying new buildings. Drag and tap the new building to start construction.

New buildings sometimes come with new characters that first need to be unlocked to join the story by further completing tasks. The more buildings added, the more new tasks the characters can do, such as Belle going to the cafe to read a book.

Disney Enchanted Tales is easy to grasp for those who are new to these types of games, but those familiar with builders will be able to master it in just a few touches. It's also more fun and interactive than other titles that just consist of waiting for buildings to be constructed because characters can do tasks together.

This mobile game serves as a whole new world, or rather, way to allow Disney fans to be immersed in the stories of their favorite films.

Disney Enchanted Tales is available to download for free for iOS and Android with in-app purchases. Check out the trailer for the new mobile game below.

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