Twitter is making improvements to the platform where messaging is concerned. The company is rolling out a new feature that makes it possible for users to see if a particular person has read their Direct Message.

This is something that has been available on other social networks, but it is now coming to Twitter for the first time. When a message is read, users should see a blue check mark beside the timestamp. One should bear in mind that this is only available to those with the Android and iOS apps along with

The company did not specify when this feature will make it to other platforms such as Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Seeing as those platforms are usually not supported on a wide scale, we suspect it might take some time for users to experience this new addition.

Now, what if you're not interested in having people know when you have read their Direct Messages?

Worry not for the option is there to turn off this feature via the privacy page, which is a good move from our point of view. Here's the thing, should you disable the read receipt, you won't be able to see the blue check marks on your own messages. This is similar to how WhatsApp does things, for those who might be wondering.

The read receipt is not the only thing Twitter has added to the platform. If you're not a fan of the typing indicator, you will likely be disappointed about what the company has done. Yes, that's right, Twitter has added a typing indicator, and has also expanded the preview for links.

What does all this mean for the future of Twitter?

Well, seeing as many of the features are similar to what we have seen in several standalone messaging apps, we might one day see a standalone Twitter app that is all about chat.

Outside of adding new features to the platform, Twitter has been cracking down a lot on IS and other terrorist groups. However, for some odd reason, nothing has been done to put an end to NAZI sympathizers and white nationalist groups.

We can't be sure if the company is making plans to put an end to these groups. If something is in the works, that would be a step in the right direction. Furthermore, the Apple Twitter account is up and running, and as expected, the internet has gone in a frenzy.

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