The United States Army War College academic board reviewed Sen. John Walsh's paper and found him guilty of plagiarism, which led the board to revoke his master's degree, according to Carol Kerr, Army College spokeswoman. Walsh was notified of the decision on Oct 10.

In July, the New York Times reported that Walsh copied most of the words of his 2007 paper from other materials. When he was confronted by the newspaper over the plagiarism charges, he denied that he copied other people's writings and claimed them as his own.

As the charges became known to the public, Walsh backed out of his candidacy for a full-term seat in the Senate.

"As Montanans choose their next U.S. Senator over the next few weeks, I will continue proudly serving this state through the end of this term. I look forward to fighting for veterans and their families," said Walsh.

On Oct 10, however, Walsh admitted his fault but stressed that he will continue to hold his position until the end of his term.

"Though I disagree with the findings made by the War College, I accept its decision with great humility and respect for the U.S. Military," said Walsh . "I apologize to all Montanans for the plagiarism in my 2007 paper, and I am prepared to live with its consequences."

The review board recommended that Walsh be stripped of his Master's Degree and his status as a graduate of the Army War College. The decision was not swayed even when Walsh submitted his counter-statements that recalled a post-traumatic stress disorder and the suicide of a fellow soldier.

"It should also be noted that other students ... have had similar or more serious personal and psychological issues during their year at USAWC, and they have been able to successfully complete course requirements without resorting to plagiarism or other cheating," the review board said in its report.

Like former students whose degrees have also been revoked by the college, Walsh's name will be erased from the bronze plaque where the alumni are honored. The plaque serves as the focal point of the institution.

Walsh assumed a seat in the Senate in February to replace Max Baucus after Baucus was sent to China as an ambassador of the U.S. His race to win in the Senate will be continued by Amanda Curtis, a school teacher, who was picked by the Montana Democratic Party.

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