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New Poll Shows Growing Majority Of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

More Americans believe that marijuana use should be legalized. Advocates hope that the growing endorsement of the public would encourage the government to reclassify the substance.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 21, 2019

Renewable Energy Is Common Ground For Democrats And Republicans

As the battle lines are drawn for next month's hotly contested midterm elections, some Americans may be comforted to know there is at least one area of common ground for Democrats and Republicans. And, that's renewable energy.

October 16, 2018

Obamacare: Republicans Keep Draft Of Affordable Care Act Replacement Under Wraps

House GOP leaders were reportedly ready with their new Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill but kept it under wraps. It was made available on Thursday to House Energy and Commerce Committee members and staff for reading only but no one was allowed to have a copy.

Public Health March 2, 2017

WATCH: 'The Tonight Show' Breaks Political Tension By Making Real Democrats and Republicans Find Common Ground

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon brings real Republicans and Democrats together through a simple game. The segment finds ‘common ground’ between members of the two parties.

Movies/TV Shows January 29, 2017

How Significant Is Climate Change? Depends On What Political Party The Person You're Asking Belongs To

When it comes to climate change, one's political inclinations might be just as important as the science behind the entire discussion.

Earth/Environment October 5, 2016

Clinton Foundation Denies New Hack: Alleged Stolen Files Reveal Banks Donating TARP Funds To Democrats

A hacker claims to have infiltrated the systems of the Clinton Foundation, with the security breach denied by a foundation official. One of the alleged stolen documents reveal that banks donated TARP funds to the Democratic party.

Security October 4, 2016

Democratic, Republican Doctors Offer Treatments Differently, Says Yale Study

The physician’s political view, whether he is a Democratic or Republican, could be influencing the way he deals with the politicized health issues like abortion, marijuana and firearm use. Patients might have to choose doctors according to their own political views, suggest researchers.

Public Health October 4, 2016

Facebook Tags Users As Liberal, Moderate Or Conservative: How You Can Check And How The Social Network Does It

Facebook determines whether users are liberal, moderate or conservative and labels them accordingly for their ad preferences. How does Facebook do it, especially for people who are not outspoken on their political views?

Internet August 25, 2016

Does Facebook Mute Conservative News? Here's Its Response To Accusations Of Political Bias

Facebook has been accused of political bias, as former employees claimed that the social network prevented articles on conservative topics from hitting the trending section. The company refuted the accusations in its response to the issue.

Internet May 10, 2016

Sage Grouse And Lesser Prairie Chicken May Be In Trouble Following Special Protections Debate

Republicans from Oklahoma are proposing an amendment to the defense bill that aims to exclude the lesser prairie chicken from the list of endangered species for 2021.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2015

Clinton Political Advisers Heading To Iowa And NH In Preparation For Campaign

After losing to Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton is not about to let go of these crucial early voting states.

Society March 31, 2015

University Of California's Proposed Tuition Fee Increase Postponed

The delay in tuition fee increase is the latest move in a budget standoff between UC President Janet Napolitano and state Democrats, including Governor Jerry Brown.

Society February 20, 2015

The top 5 things you need to know this Election Day

Voting in the midterm elections takes place today. In case you haven't been following the races closely, here are the important things you should know.

Internet Culture November 4, 2014

Politics of television: What Democrats and Republicans are watching

Politics may be more heated than ever, but if there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that TV is awesome. However, it seems like the parties won't be agreeing on what to watch anytime soon...

Movies/TV Shows November 3, 2014

What do Democrats and Republicans agree on? Taylor Swift, apparently

Everybody loves Taylor Swift. At least that's what a new study from Facebook on the cultural preferences of Democrats and Republicans on the social network says.

Internet Culture October 28, 2014

Army War College revokes Sen. John Walsh's master's degree over plagiarism charges

The U.S. Army War College found Democratic Sen. John Walsh guilty of plagiarism and decided to revoke his master's degree. Walsh disagreed with the college board's decision but humbly accepted it nonetheless.

Society October 12, 2014

Why are politicians hypocrites for participating in the ice bucket challenge?

Politicians are participating in the popular ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS, but voted to cut funding for the research. The cuts are a result of the Budget Control Act of 2011 that prevented the government from going into debt.

Movies/TV Shows August 22, 2014

The Republican National Committee launches a website called 'Poor Hillary Clinton'

A new Republican website called ‘Poor Hillary Clinton’ launched today. It is sure to be a hot topic during Clinton's upcoming Twitter Q&A.

Internet Culture July 21, 2014

Democrat bill introduced to prevent 'creation of a two-tiered Internet system'

The fight for net neutrality continues as the Democrats get involved with a new bill that is aimed at enforcing net neutrality and killing the Internet fast lane.

Internet June 22, 2014

Dems introduce bills to protect net neutrality, all eyes on FCC

The Democrats submitted a bill in Congress and Senate to establish status quo on FCC's open Internet rule after it was struck down by a court decision recently.

Internet February 4, 2014

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