After Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall, many might assume that those looking to get their hands on the latest and greatest smartphone (without it exploding) would be lining up to get on board with Apple's iPhone 7.

However, this is not the case.

According to a new survey, most people aren't impressed with the features of the iPhone 7 and will probably hold off on buying it.

The research firm Morning Consult surveyed 1,961 people from Sept. 6 to Sept. 8 to gauge the public's interest in the latest smartphone that was unveiled on Sept 7. and will hit the market on Friday.

It found that, out of the participants who have heard all about the new phone, 68 percent of them reported that they are unlikely to buy it, while only 21 percent said they are likely to make the purchase.

Apple began taking preorders for the device on Sept. 9, with the first wave selling out and pushing shipment dates to November.

Part of the reason why many reported to not be likely to buy the iPhone 7 may be because many people don't purchase a new device right away and instead wait until their current phone is paid off or when it breaks and they need a new one.

However, interestingly enough, the poll also found that people aren't as impressed with the features of the iPhone 7 as they were with the iPhone 6s, which could be another reason why they might decide to skip this model and instead wait for the rumored iPhone 8 that could be revealed for Apple's 10th anniversary in 2017.

Many people might have expected Apple to make big changes to the device this time around. Instead, the iPhone 7 has the same size screen as the previous model and has the same look — besides coming in two new black colors with the option of a 256 GB size.

Although there are some new features to be excited about, such as the iPhone 7 being water-resistant, many other features fell flat among the public, like the removal of the headphone jack. Many people are concerned that they might just lose the new wireless AirPods, which cost $159.

While the AirPods made a big impact on the internet, most of this talk wasn't positive. The poll found that 51 percent of participants said the wireless headphones had no impact on whether or not they would buy the phone. Twenty-one percent reported that the AirPods make them more likely to purchase an iPhone 7, whereas 19 percent said it makes them less likely to.

Forty-one percent said the improved camera features would make them lean toward buying the smartphone, but 41 percent also said the camera features didn't matter when it came to making the decision to purchase the model.

While the new rose gold color at the time of the release of the iPhone 6s was a huge hit, 53 percent of people in the poll reported that the new black colors had no effect on whether or not they would buy the iPhone 7.

Less than half also reported that they were more likely to get the device based on the fact that it has longer battery life, a more powerful processor and more storage.

Overall, it just seems like people aren't extremely excited over the smartphone. This could change over time, once people start getting their preorders and more get to see the device in action.

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