Ever get a text from a friend that is just screaming for a sarcastic or funny response? Sometimes, the best way to clap back is to text with lyrics from a popular song that will perfectly fit the scenario.

Now, Genius, the song lyrics and annotation platform, is making it easier for Apple users to write these witty responses in iMessage.

Genius announced the launch of a new extension that will be available in the new iMessage App Store with the release of iOS 10 on Tuesday.

Called Genius Lyric Messages, the extension allows users to send photos with popular song lyrics to their contacts. After downloading the extension, the user can tap into Genius' library of songs to search for the lyrics that would fit perfectly in their conversation. Once they find the line, it is added on top of a background image that could be one of the artists featured in Genius' images or customized to be one taken from the user's camera roll.

For example, the iMessage user could use the extension to text a friend a photo of a sad Drake with the lyrics, "soon as you see the text, reply me" when they are taking too long to answer, or include "everything you own in the box to the left" with a photo of an ex's stuff packed in a box after a bad breakup.

For those who won't get the reference, the message includes the track name and artist at the bottom so the joke doesn't go over their head.

Those who are familiar with Genius know that this song sharing feature could already be used on the web, but with the launch of the new app store for iMessage, iOS users will be able to create and send funny texts featuring their favorite songs and artists with others directly in their messages.

These lyric messages can also be created via the Genius app and then shared on social networks like Facebook and Instagram — an option for those who don't use iMessage.

Genius Lyric Messages is just one of the many new updates that will be available in iMessage with the launch of iOS 10. Other cool new features include GIFs, stocks and full-screen animations.

The ability to send lyric messages using Genius will be available on Tuesday, Sept. 13 as a free update to iOS 10 and Genius app update.

Source: Genius

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