Apple's recently concluded event was headlined by the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, with the smartphones ready to ship starting Sept. 16.

Along with the company's new flagship smartphones, Apple also officially unveiled the upcoming update to its mobile operating system, the iOS 10.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, iOS 10 is the biggest iOS update that will ever be launched by Apple. Sneak previews of the operating system have come in the form of beta releases, but users with supported iPhones will be able to receive the final version of iOS 10 beginning Sept. 13.

For iPhone owners excited about the upcoming iOS update, here are some of the new features that you can expect.

Updated Lock Screen

Apple has updated the lock screen for the iOS 10 to show more information, including weather data, calendar entries, and important contacts. The feature is also customizable, so users will not have to unlock their phones and navigate through their apps for their favorites.

Expanded Siri Support

Siri will become much smarter with the release of iOS 10, as the digital assistant will begin working with many non-Apple apps such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Uber.

Parking Reminders

The iOS 10 will be able to remind users where they parked their car, which is a handy feature to have when leaving the vehicle in a massive parking lot.

Improved iMessage

Messaging has become more interactive with iMessages, as iOS 10 will allow users to send doodles as well as doodle on taken pictures. iMessages will also allow users to add bubble effects and full-screen effects to messages, and add third-party apps such as GIF keyboards. The messaging app also adds a very fast search feature for pictures to send, allowing users to reply to their contacts through their favorite GIFs.

Native Apps Deletion

With iOS 10, Apple will finally allow users to delete native iOS app that take up extra space on the iPhone's home screen and memory, including Stocks, Reminders and Calculator. The apps can be deleted in the same way for all other apps, and can be re-downloaded for free through the App Store.

Memories In Photos

The Photos app in iOS 10 will feature a new tab named Memories, wherein some of the best pictures are gathered over certain periods of time or from certain places. Accessing one of the memories will lead to a photo gallery that features a video on all the content associated with the time or place.

Excited For iOS 10?

There is so much more to iOS 10 than what it listed here, and the best way to see everything that the new operating system offers would be to try it out immediately after it launches on Sept. 13.

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