Now that many Apple fans have already preordered the iPhone 7 Plus, one of the first things they will want to test out when shipments start this Friday is the new dual-lens camera to create professional photography-worthy images.

However, regardless of whether or not a user gets the new smartphone, there is now a new photo app just released for iOS that will be your latest obsession for creating shareable images.

Called PABLO, this new app will allow the user to tap into their creativity to create masterpieces with light, allowing them to feel like a modern day Picasso — or rather, the photographer Gjon Mili, who most notably used light in his art works (but is also known for photographing Pablo Picasso).

At the core of this app is the ability to allow users to easily capture photos and videos using lightpainting, a photography technique that consists of the artist taking a photo with a long exposure while moving a source of light. As a result, this technique allows photographers to do things such as spell out words using light or illuminate a subject.

While this is a technique for a more advanced photographer, PABLO makes it easy for everyone to master without needing any professional training. It also allows those familiar with the technique to be able to do so directly from their smartphone without needing their professional DSLR cameras — perfect for when wanting to capture an impromptu photoshoot.

"We created an app for lightpainting photography because we believe the next step for mobile photography is to go beyond filters and start using technique, and lightpainting is by far the most fun technique ever," PABLO co-founder Ryan Warnberg told Tech Times.

To create a lightpainting image or video, the user aims their smartphone camera at moving lights, such as when having a person wave a sparkler at night or shooting a highway after the sun sets. PABLO then uses its patent pending "live view" technology to create a long exposure and create a trail of light in real-time.

Think of it as being able to create graffiti with light or making artistic images and videos where light is the subject or helps intensify the subject.

Those who don't have lights in hand can soon use light features that are expected to be released as part of an app update in the near future. 

PABLO is more than just a photo app for using the technique. It also includes a feed where other users can share their lightpainting photos, allowing photographers to be inspired by and connect with others around the world over their shared loved for this type of art.

PABLO launched today for free for iOS, with the Android version expected to be released this winter.

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