Blood and gore were commonplace on the hit STARZ show, Spartacus.  However, such real life violence would not be tolerated in today's more civilized modern age.  Certainly not against humans, and even more so against helpless animals.

Therefore, it came as a sickening shock on Saturday morning to the family of a two-year old Pit Bull mix, named Spartacus, when he was viciously attacked by an angry neighbor with a knife. The as yet unknown attacker, slashed the reportedly docile dog from ear to ear, and bashed his head with a shovel, on a street in Southern L.A.

Spartacus required emergency surgery that took two hours to complete and 1000 stitches to close up his wounds that ran all over his face, head, neck, and torso.  Some reports published described the injuries looking as if someone wanted to decapitate and dismember the dog.

Thankfully, he is in recovery from what must have been a traumatic experience that no one should ever go through.

The brutality of the attack against Spartacus was a sight that Sgt. Tami Bauman of the Los Angeles Police Department had never seen before in 21 years of of service in law enforcement.

"We once in a while see someone get mad and maybe they'll choke a dog or maybe cut it, but this dog is cut up all over," Bauman told NBC Los Angeles.

Spartacus was rushed to Pet Care services by the Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) and although he has a loving family, they realized they needed help in caring for him while he recuperates, so he is currently in the care of a temporary foster home while the police investigate the savage attack.

No arrests have yet been made and investigators are requesting any witnesses with information to contact them at the hotline of the LAPD's animal cruelty task force at (213) 486-0450.

GRFF is also accepting donations to help for the expenses of Spartacus' surgery and continuing medical care.  His stitches are scheduled to be removed in two weeks.

Pit Bulls, as a breed, have a notoriously bad reputation as fighting dogs and have been banned in some States for supposed aggressive behavior and connection to criminal activity.  This reputation sometimes also put them on the receiving end of violence from their own owners or other people who do not understand dogs.  

Despite their false association with aggressiveness, statistically, the small-statured Daschund is more aggressive than the Pit Bull. 

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