Apple said that the much-hyped new smartphones of the company, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, will be made available in over 115 countries before the year ends.

The iPhones will be launching in 36 more countries and territories over Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America by the end of October.

The iPhones will then be made released in China, which is the largest market for smartphones in the world, on Oct. 17, on the same date that the smartphones will be made available in India.

Other countries where the iPhones will be launched before the end of the year include Bahrain, the Czech Republic, Israel, Greenland, Kuwait, Poland and South Africa.

The rollout of the new iPhones are the fastest one yet, according to Apple, as demand for the devices flourish.

Demand in China, for example, was so great that certain customers in the country were willing to obtain the smartphones through the black market prior to the official release of the product in China, even at a premium price.

The release of the new smartphones has also provided a massive boost to the smartphone accessories industry, as users bought new cases, screen protectors and other items for the new devices. Sales for smartphone accessories increased to $249 million in the first two weeks of the release of the new iPhones, which represents a 43 percent increase compared to two weeks earlier.

"The new iPhone releases, and the subsequent mobile accessory purchases that result from them, are one of the key opportunities helping to set the stage for a strong fourth quarter and holiday season," said NDP vice president of industry analysis Stephen Baker.

Sales for the new iPhones continue to soar despite a couple of setbacks that have been the subject of scrutiny. The first issue spawned the #bendgate hashtag, involving the supposed bending of the iPhone 6 Plus when placed in a user's pocket and then the user sits for a long period of time.

However, Apple has maintained its stance that the issue is extremely rare, with only nine customers reporting the issue during the first six days of selling the device. Customers that experienced the issue can have their phones replaced for free as long as Apple determines that the bended device was not caused intentionally.

After #bendgate came the #hairgate hashtag, referring to the issue wherein the hair of users got caught in between the glass screen and aluminum frame of the device, yanking their hair out in the process. 

Apple continues to sell the iPhone 6 devices though. In the first weekend of the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the first 10 countries where the smartphones were made available, the devices sold 10 million units, which Apple says is a new record.

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